Summer To Do List

Sunday, July 08, 2007

  • Go camping.
  • Scrapbook almost every day before fall hits and I no longer have time.
  • Take lots of wonderful, well-lit sun-kissed golden photos of my children until all hours of the night.
  • Mentally prepare myself that Jude will be starting kindergarten in less than two months.
  • Scrapbook at night, too, whenever I can work it in there.
  • Go for a picnic or three with the kids.
  • Repaint every remaining room on the upper floor that has not been repainted already.
  • Tear off the stuccoed wall-paneling from the basement walls and drywall, tape, mud, and paint them.
  • Re-do the flooring in my kitchen, entrance, dining room, bathroom, and stairs.
  • Get my office organized.
  • Record at least three more songs.
  • Do a performance or two.
  • Organize my office for the winter teaching season.
  • Keep making new-house-based decisions.
  • Cook three meals a day.
  • Keep my house semi-clean.
  • Make sure nobody has to wear their clothes for more than three days before they have clean ones to put on.
  • Scrapbook in the mornings, if it's a really good day, and I've hired a babysitter.
  • Occasionally post on my blog.
  • See my friends occasionally, too.
  • Hug my kids every day.
  • Kiss my husband every day.

Even given that I will be only peripherally involved in the renovation projects, do you think that maybe I'm indulging in a little wishful thinking?

Oh, and also--when I got to the end of this list, I realized that if I were to type it in order of priority, it would have to be pretty much reversed. In case anyone was wondering.

Happy New Week, friends!

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  1. Camping with 3 under-4's. How does that work?

  2. Rohini - I'll let you know once we've tried it! ;-)

  3. Wow, after reading that list I think I need a nap!


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