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The Dog Came Back

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Brutus has been taking lessons in escapism from Suri. He disappeared Friday, and didn't come back.

Well, not on his own, anyway. Yesterday, on the way home from the S.P.C.A., Jude was so sweet. In comforting tones, he patted Brutus on the head and said, "Did you miss your friend? Are you all right? Suri missed you!"

I'm sure if my wallet still hadn't been smarting so much, I would have appreciated that a lot more.

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  1. It really is unfortunate that the SPCA charges so much when people retrieve their animals. Jude is so sweet. Has kindergarten started out your way? Sarah's big day is tomorrow. Sigh...

  2. So....how much DO they charge....just out of curiosities sake??? Might have been cheaper to just let Jason pick up another stray dog sometime??

  3. Jude's K starts on the 7th. Does it get easier with the second one, Dawn?

    Mom, by the time I paid his bail, renewed his registration, and bought a collar to hang the tag on, we were $227.52 poorer. OUCH!

    I thought briefly of leaving him there, but then I would have had to pay to do that, and I thought Jason was kinda attached to him. Then I got home, and he said he was still thinking about returning him to the original owners. Sheesh!

  4. Easier in a way, T. But it just makes one realize all the more how quickly time really does fly.

  5. When did you get a second dog? I missed something somewhere sometime.


  6. Dawn - Yes, way too fast.

    Colleen - You can find the story of Brutus here.

    Grafx - Yep, the SPCA requires you to pay a fine for a)your dog wandering at large, b)putting your dog up for however long it is until you come get him, and in our case c)not having him registered, and him not wearing the tag for said licence (although we were told his registration does not expire until September, so I am hoping we will get a refund for those last ones.)

    I doubt he was looking for his owners, since the reason we got him in the first place is that he was wandering at large. It's the husky in him--they just wander.

  7. He looks like a happy dog, Brutus. I don't know where I was but I completely missed that post. Egads, what is my world coming to!

    Love ya.

    P.S. I miss my hubby.

  8. Colleen, You're posting as "anonymous" now? Was Blogger being mean to you, or something?

    *sympathetic face* The hubby will come back, too. Can't wait to see you when you guys come down at Christmas. (At least, I HOPE we'll get to see you! I HOPE we'll be around then! We'll see.)


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