Mommy's Third Law

Thursday, August 09, 2007

"That the number of hours your children will arise earlier than normal is directly proportional to the number of hours you stayed up later than normal whilst in pursuit of your own pleasures and interests."

It just keeps getting proved to me, over and over again. It seems so incontrovertible, I decided to finally write it into words.

Now it's in type. It must be true.

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  1. Well said T! And totally true. I think the whole coffee industry was really started by moms who had that whole " must-stay-up-late-to-hobby equals earlier rising children" thing. Tim Hortons, ya that's actually TIMBERLY Hortons....
    Happy Day to You!

  2. ANDDDD that i have to make my husband's breakfast and pack his lunch for him before he leaves ..


  3. Isn't that when mommies are supposed to start giving children Temazepan?

  4. I'd laugh only that it's not really very funny!

  5. Colleen! Scared of ze fuuuuuutttttuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrreeeeee? ;) Awwwww

    I saw Knocked Up the other night. It was a horror movie alright.

  6. What's this about the future? I'm confused. I don't get it. What is Temazepan anyhoo and ... and ....


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