What I Did on my Holiday Monday

Monday, August 06, 2007

...besides scrapbooking, I mean. :-)

I took a whack of photos today so I could make this layout. It was inspired by something I saw on Ali Edward's blog a few days ago. Here are a few other layouts I've done today and yesterday. These are only the digital ones. I don't feel like fooling around with the scanner and stitching everything together to show you the paper ones. Too time consuming--time I could be using to scrapbook! (Can you tell I'm on a creativity binge?)

What did you do with your Monday, friends?

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  1. You've been doing fabulous work, girl! Do you have a muse these days?

  2. If I had a muse, it would probably be hiding in the depths of a scrapbooking magazine.

    Thanks! Now it's time for me to switch the right brain off for my beauty sleep...

  3. You were very creative on your holiday monday!! My monday was NOT a holiday....the US has, unfortunately, not followed their northern neighbors example and instigated a long weekend every month just because!!

  4. Again, great layouts T! We spent our Monday ripping out old carpet and ripping apart old tub surround. And diffusing Thieves. Cheers!

  5. Great layouts, Talena! Puts me in the mood to scrapbook, but I'm still trying to get my studio in order! Soon, I hope!
    Hey - love the new haircut, too! So stylin'!

  6. Thinking of you Talena and wishing you a Happy Birthday. Maybe someday I will be able to see you all again. I am stuck in a rut with my scrapbooking of ancestors for both of my boys. Our families came to the US in 1600s,1700,and 1800s. Things are certainly different here today. It is hot and humid right now. Thank God for my central air. Love to all. Grandma Virginia

  7. Mom - Apparently, they need a mover and a shaker down there to point out the error of their ways. Who wouldn't want a long weekend every month? I mean, really?

    Dawn - 'Twas a bit damp under there, was it? Sounds not so relaxing. Hope this weekend is better.

    Denise - Thanks! And Thanks! :-) Good to see you!

    Virginia - Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Hope you jump out of that rut soon!


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