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You're Still You

Monday, August 06, 2007

Besides this layout, I also did one other digital layout, three paper layouts and a card today.

Jason let me have the afternoon off. Isn't he awesome?

Hugs, everyone!

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  1. I should show this to my mum so she makes cards for me too!

    Currently, she buys the cards, forces my sister/brother/father to sign/or write in them and then posts them. Most of the time, she buys them after my birthday but due to my recent demands and now, daily reminders till the cards have been sent to me, I get the cards on my birthday. =)

    Nice work, Talena!

  2. I don't know if I've ever made a card for my kids. Likely I will when they become adults.

    The things we have to do to make sure our parents don't forget about us, eh? ;-)

    I heart you as many times as it takes to get it over there. (Some of them are bound to tire over the Atlantic and be grounded forever, so I better send quite a few.)

  3. Wow, and afternoon of eh? Ask J if I can have an afternoon off too...next Sunday works good for me, only if I get to scrap with you! Great layout!

  4. I'll make sure and ask him, Dawn. :-) Any chance to scrap with you... bit of a commute though, eh? ;-)


  5. Colleen, you know just what to say. Thanks.


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