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Just Breathe

Friday, September 21, 2007

Aaaah. It's Friday. The only living creatures in this house besides me at the moment are my two younger sons, who are happily playing with a train set in the Family Room. Oh, and the mouse that's taken up residence in the basement. (We are working on evicting the squatter.)

It's nice to be able to take a moment to breathe.

Last night was AWANA club registration. AWANA is a kids club which we are putting both Jude and Noah into this year. This is the first year we have been involved, and besides the two boys, I am also going to be a leader in the Cubbies club, which is the age group Noah will be in. Jabin will likely have to tag along every week as well, because Jason plans to play basketball every Thursday. Unfortunately, the event does not finish until after the kids' bedtime, meaning Thursdays--and Fridays--could be a long day for everyone.

It took Jude quite a while to wind down last night and fall asleep, and this morning proved it--for the first time, he started with the lament, "I don't wanna go to kindergarten!" I know it was just his exhaustion speaking, because he has been super-excited to go every other day, and was actually quite disappointed when the weekend came and he had to stay home. This morning, however, everything was a major drama. I can't count how many times I said, "Settle down. Take a deep breath." Jude is a child that feels deeply, and the melodrama that follows him through the day is exhausting in itself. In my dealings with him, I also need to remember to breathe, sometimes.

Yesterday, I started the "seasonal switch" from summer to winter gear, doing some "seasonal cleaning" to go along with it. Summer never lasts long enough here. While there's a part of me that is always a little excited about the fall fashions and getting to wear shoes again, it's a small part. The weather doesn't stay warm enough here for very long in the fall, either, meaning that those oh-so-trendy sweater-jackets and knee-length-skirts over tall boots are really only things you can wear comfortably for about three weeks. After that, you have to be so bundled up every time you go out that it wouldn't really matter if you were wearing your flannel pajamas underneath your coat, because no one is going to see them anyway!

Thankfully, I actually remembered to get my winter coats dry-cleaned during the summer this year, so I am not going to be suffering through a week of super-cold weather when the time comes because I was forgetful! (Unlike last year. Ahem.)

We finally got a call yesterday that Noah has been approved for funding to have an aide work with him through what's called Early Intervention. This is the result of a speech assessment I had done on him early in the summer. For three-and-a-half, he should be able to verbally communicate better than he does. His sound reproduction is very age-appropriate--he can parrot you perfectly--but his comprehension and recall are poor. He is excited to tell you things, but can't remember the words he needs to use, so in a long string of babbling you might understand the final word. "Dsi a sidw tgie dihs truck!" This can be pretty frustrating.

Jason is leaving on Sunday for Toronto. He will be there for a week for a course he has to take for work. This could be interesting for me. I have a tendency to not go to bed on time when I know that I'll be the only one in there. Also, I'm going to have to pull out at least three more blankets, I'm sure of it.

So. Two full weeks of the new schedule, and we're still kicking and ticking. I won't deny that I prefer a lifestyle that is a little less manic. However, this is the way things have to be for this year, at least for a while. At least it will make the winter pass quickly.

As long as we remember to keep breathing.

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  1. I know EXACTLY how that goes (with a late night) as we attended our kids club last night as well. I let the kids sleep until 8:00 which then meant rushing to get to school on time. Thankfully we'd set out clothes and sprouted breakfast last night. Thanks for the reminder though, to just breath amidst the chaos.

  2. ohhhhhh we are so involved with church activities that i have specifically asked my husband to not get involved with anything more.. we just do not get any US time at all like this.. someone asked us via email if we could help out with AWANA as they were short on helpers..and i really had to struggle to say no... but i had to .. it was on SUnday and thats our ONLY day to be together,, without anyone else in the room!!!

  3. A very full year indeed, sweet T. Will Early Intervention come and work with Noah at your home or do you have to take him somewhere? I'm curious as to how they would work with his speech.

  4. Dawn - Funny. Why is Thursday "Awana Night?"

    Grafx - Sometimes you just gotta say No. Good for you. I have said no to several things already this year. In fact, anything else that people might ask me to do will have to be turned down. I can't do a single 'nother thing and still maintain my sanity. I hear ya. "You and him" time is SOOO important.

    Colleen - We're still working out the details. They may come to my home--it just depends when and where we can fit the sessions into the limitations of My Vida Loca at the moment. I'll know more by the end of this week, I think. Keep ya posted!


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