Mommy's First Law

Thursday, September 06, 2007

"That, no matter how quiet the kids may be at the moment, or how inactive the telephone and doorbell have been all morning, the surest way to generate an attention-demanding noise from any or all of these is to make physical contact between your butt-cheeks and the toilet seat."

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  1. OK, so that was totally funny and totally true. I can't remember when the last time was that I didn't share the washroom with at least one kid or have to answer at least one question or break up a least one squable...

  2. I'm so GLAD I get to be the Grandma now!!!!!

  3. i have that problem when someone's at the door. or worse. ED.
    Then the banging starts and then hysterical shouts of " are you alive?!! speak to me!!!*

  4. Dawn - Same! And you'd think we have enough bathrooms that they wouldn't feel the need to share with me! :-)

    Mom - Hmmph.

    Grafx - How long do you hide in there, anyway?! :-)


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