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Thousands Of Words

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Well, I'm home, we survived, and the passports are safely in the works. We should have them well over a month before we travel. (For those who can't remember where we are going, see this post--stuck in the middle somewhere there.) I pulled into the driveway at 5:10-ish--twenty minutes before my first lesson of the evening was to be given! I freshened up as best as I could while Jason and the kids re-acquainted themselves, crammed in some sprouted-grain toast and honey and away I went with my first student.

Here are some photos of the weekend:

The concrete jungle.

Look! I almost saw a metal bull!

Hey! I almost saw him again!

My dad telling a story about Clifford--as only my dad could tell it!

Jabin in all his potty-training glory!

Favourite family passtime: Scrabble. It helped develop (and on Saturday, satisfy) my love of words, and good family conversation. (As you can see, I have the Q on my rack, with no knowledge of the whereabouts of the fourth [and last] U. Should I save the A & D, hoping for an I to make "qaid", or just lay down the lower-risk word "dancer" right now? Decisions, decisions.)

A hot-chocolate mustachioed Jude.

Third try (almost) lucky!

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  1. OOOOOOH Calgary!@?!!They also have metal people!!
    we love scrabble too!! Ed keeps winning all the time, but ive started to use strategy too along with my looooooooooong words!!

    i love road trips!

  2. Grafx - Sadly, nothing so charming as Calgary. This was the city of evil--aka Edmonton. (My apologies to my friends who live there. This is not a direct reflection on my opinion of you!)

    Rohini - Actually, yes. But only after I had laid down "Dancer", then got a blank which allowed me to lay down "Equine", then I got the U. And! I won the game--second one I've won against my dad in my whole life! :-)

  3. Hmmmm.....I like scrabble too, although we don't have a board. Might have to get one for when you're here. Although it can be a little on the hazardous side to play with Mike... his spelling can be very creative sometimes!!
    I really wanted to see a picture of you entertaining the kids in the line at the passport office though....

  4. Thanks for the trip T! The bull shots are a hoot! Glad everything turned out o.k. HUGS!!!

  5. Haha, reminds me of a cow filled Victorian town I visited once when on a holiday.

    Scrabble - I love the game! Can we play scrabble when I visit you?


  6. I love that photo of Jude. :)

    And I can only imagine how your Dad would interpret a Clifford story. That I would love to hear.


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