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Friday, October 12, 2007

So, while I was busy with my week of insanity last week, Rohini decided to award me this:

Not only was I flattered that somebody thinks I rock, I was touched by her reasons why. Now, the fun part is that I get to pass this on!

Hmm... I can't give it to Rohini, 'cause she already got it. So did Grafx...

I do want to pass it on to a few of my own blog-friends, though:

Colleen - Anyone who knows Colleen knows that she rocks. And that she has also managed to capture a bit of child-likeness in a jar, which she inhales deeply from every morning to refresh herself and those she comes in contact with. So I think she definitely qualifies as a Rockin' Girl Blogger.

Kelly - Yes, she's currently on hiatus for schooling-related purposes. But anyone who has ever read Kelly Well knows that you are instantly welcome there. And if you can get through reading her posts, and all her commenters and replies, without laughing your guts into the equivalent of a mushy bowlful of grape jelly, then I really don't know what you would find funny. Maybe I don't want to know.

Anne - One of the sweetest women I know. (She actually reminds me of my life-long friend Tegan, who sadly, is not a blogger. She'd be a Rockin' Girl Blogger for sure, if she were one.) Anyway, back to Anne. She's also pregnant with a girl, so right now she's blogging for two! :-)

I'm having a hard time finding people on my blogroll who blog with any degree of regularity at the moment, but I would like to give runners-up to Dawn and Aakanksha--only because of sparsity of posting, not because of lack of rocking girliness. These ladies are both so busy, it's a wonder they ever post at all!

Speaking of busy, I gotta go do some more of that stuff I do. Have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. Awww thanks Talena!

    Yes, I am not very inspired to post at all... or well when I am, I am at work and by the time I'm home, all I want to do is have dinner and curl up in bed and skype-chat with Mark.

    I have lazed all morning. Lazed and snoozed in bed all morning. And you know what? It felt lovely!!

    You are a rocking blogger girl alright! Your blog is actually one of the only two that I currently read (I used to read 20 last year). And Colleen is a rocking blogger girl too and her's is the other one I read =)

    I plan to come to Canada in August next year! Maybe if I get selected, I'll meet you two!


  2. Ace - I don't blame you for mostly just wanting to curl up in bed. I know you're busy! I lazed and snoozed in bed this morning, too, but that's because I had the stomach flu since yesterday, so it wasn't exactly lovely. I'll have to go for "lovely" some other weekend.

    And, I would LOVE! to meet you. (I know Colleen would, too. And since my personal visits with her are all too sparse these days, it would be even gooder! if we could all get together in the same room, at the same. time!

    Now I'm all excited...

  3. COOL! That's what I'd first like to say but ...

    Talena, it struck me late last night that I hadn't actually replied to this really sweet post in your comments. If you didn't know me better (which thankfully you do) you might be deeply hurt, crushed, offended, slighted, stunned, bewildered, dizzy and fraught with pain. Really, T., thank you! As you already know it warmed me through and through. It's cool to me that the things I use to fight off my blues and self-absorption (which is always lurking in my corners) and that thing being awe and wonder and joy turns out to be encouraging for you, too. Interesting ....

    P.S. Ace, come to Canada! Come, Ace, come! Sit. Stay. Good Ace.

    P.P.S. T. - Cat,over at my blog, left a comment for you. :)

  4. @Colleen! Oi! Are you insinuating I am your pet person. So if I come, you'll pamper me, and fawn over me, and bake me tasty little cakes and tastier macaroni and cheese? I will endeavour to publish a paper for a conference in Vancouver next year. If it does get accepted, then I will be attending that event. If that happens, I will certainly visit you, my lovelies.

    Also, just to increase your love for me, sparsity of posts decreased by 2!

  5. Ace, you are NOT a pet. But maybe, just maybe, once you see Canada, you might not want to leave. It would be awesome if you could come. Where would you be going in Canada? Just asking cuz it's just so darn big.


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