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Clothes I Used To Wear

Thursday, November 22, 2007

In my closet, hanging there
Beneath the dust and disrepair
Is evidence I used to dare
To don these clothes I used to wear.

In another time and place
I'd carefully paint up my face
And select my dress with care
When I wore these clothes I used to wear.

I'd choose a gown that went with pearls
The stuff of dreams for teenage girls
Or one that sparkled here and there
These are the clothes I used to wear.

In those days, I had dreams I'd grace
The stages of place after place
To take the songs I had and share
Them in these clothes I used to wear.

But now, in jeans and sweaters warm
I pass my days, forget the charm
Of special nights in spotlight's glare
When I wore the clothes I used to wear.

So why do I stand here, closet wide
Unzip the dress bags and peek inside
And pull from what is hiding there
A "once-upon" I used to where?

Tonight, for a minute or three
I'll grace a stage, I'll sing for free
I'll take the chance the dream's still there
Concealed in clothes I used to wear.

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  1. Honey, You could make a burlap sack look good. I do have to admit you were smokin' hot in that dress last night.


  2. Your sweetie is just that!! And I'm sure you looked FANTASTIC! And what were you singing? And where? Wish I could have been there....but my turn is coming soon!! :)
    And I LOVE you poem!!
    Love & Prayers!

  3. Jason - I know they say that love is blind, but you have no idea how glad I am that you like the way I look.

    Mom - I was singing "Ancient of Days" for the Canada Music Week recital. So you'll get to hear exactly the same song on "your turn!" It was fun--went well, but my voice should have been miked so that the words could be heard over the very loud piano. Oh, well. Live and learn.

  4. What a gorgeous poem! And you do look gorgeous. And what an adorable comment by your husband, he sounds awesome.


  5. Hello, Beautiful! (I think I remember you creating that amazing sweater a coupla years back. It turned out fantastic!) Jason, well darn it all he managed to make you feel like a queen and give all the rest of us girls warm squishies inside. :)
    The cool thing about you is that as much as you enjoyed wearing your gorgeous dress and dolling up I know you wouldn't trade those jeans and sweaters and being with your boys for the entire world.

    Love you. ♡

  6. Captain - He is pretty awesome. You weren't deceived there! :-) And thanks!

    Colleen - Thanks, I'm glad you like the sweater. I've mourned that I've actually only been able to wear it a few times, because frankly, those cuff fringes shed like a Chow-Chow in springtime, and I'm forever getting fuzzies in my mouth or all over my clothes. However, this dress did not seem to attract them much, thankfully. Also, they are pretty annoying to do day-to-day tasks in, such as cooking (see above-mentioned fuzzies) but as I discovered on Thursday, they are totally awesome for playing piano in! And if you are dressing up, with no kids in tow, they are not so annoying after all. (Except for the fuzzies. I'm still cleaning them off my gloves and coat!)

    The next home-made sweater will be one I can wear with those jeans, though--'cause you're right, I'm not giving them up. I just want to enjoy the fruits of my labours a little more often! :-) Love you.


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