Interview With A Five-Year-Old

Friday, November 16, 2007

"Jude, do you want to help me with my blog post today?"

"Okay, what do I do?"

"I'll ask you questions, and you answer them, 'kay?"


Mommy: What is your favourite colour?

Jude: Green!

Mommy: Why?

Jude: Because I like that colour best!

Mommy: If you could be any animal, what would you be?

Jude: A cheetah, because I like to be fast like them!

Mommy: Do you like any other animals?

Jude: Hmm... Deers, foxes, and wolfs...that's all the animals that I like. And a honey bear, and a grizzly bear, too. That's all the animals that I like.

Mommy: What about lions?

Jude: (nodding head) Yeah, and tigers, too. That's all the animals I like, too. I forgot those ones.

Mommy: How do you show love for your brothers?

Jude: Be nice.

Mommy: What do you mean by "being nice?"

Jude: Don't push, don't punch, don't hit, give them a hug and kiss...

Mommy: If you could be anyone in a movie or book, who would you be?

Jude: Like a cowboy, I think. I think like a pirate. I think like a crown...

Mommy: A crown? Like a king or a prince you mean? (Blank look from Jude.) You want to be the actual crown? (Jude nods his head.) Okay.* What is your favourite food?

Jude: Pancakes and muffins and doughnuts.

Mommy: O-kay... (What is this kid, a carb-aholic? I think. Another part of my brain says, Um,... duh! Yeah!)

(Jude laughing.)

Jude: ...and pie. (Laughs some more.) I was just tricking ya. Just pancakes. And doughnuts.

Mommy: Okay. (Shakes head, laughing.)

Jude: Mom, there's a computer on my head! (His fingers are tickling his hair. Mommy laughs.)

Mommy: Okay, I think we're just about done. What do you want to go do now?

Jude: Hmm...Go pick a movie.

Mommy: What movie?

Jude: Hmmm...I would pick like...

(Noah, finally finished working with his aide for the day, walks in with Madame Blueberry clutched in his fist.)

Noah: Zis one!

I guess that settles it. Talk about timing!

*Upon proof-reading, I realize that he was trying to say "clown." He never remembers how to say that one properly.

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  1. Funny stuff T! you're interview made me laugh so that the kids asked me what was just so funny...


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