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Friday, November 09, 2007

After finishing his own bowl of Red River this morning, Noah finished off Jude's second helping, then ate about half of Jason's. Growing at all?

For his birthday, Jason and I gave Jude a "chef" costume and a little child-oriented cookbook from Sesame Street. Today, Jude found a hot chocolate recipe in there, so Jason helped him make it.

A good chef always makes sure the ingredients are fresh.

Yep, that honey is good! We can use it!

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  1. He's getting so big, Talena!

    (And was that YOU on my answering machine last night? It made me laugh. :)

  2. Colleen - Why, who's asking? I'm not admitting to anything. Why do you want to know? :-)

    Rohini - Tee hee! Thanks. Suckered me in, too! (Obviously!)

  3. They're getting sooo big!!!


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