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Speaking of Finishing...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Jason has decided that this is the weekend to finally finish the tiling in our bathroom. It has been in a near-completed state since, um, well, since July. The end of July. Or the beginning of August. Since then, it has been in renovation stasis--that place that renos go to sleep until the insanity of life goes away for a weekend.

Due to the over-abundance of bathrooms in our house, finishing it hasn't exactly been high priority, although it may have been more convenient to use, since it is our main bathroom. However, I haven't been complaining that all I've had to clean is ONE bathtub (in our master bath) instead of two, and THREE toilets instead of five. (The basement bathroom is also in stasis--but a much sleepier one. It's the one with tree root issues and black mold, remember? Scarier and pricier to fix, therefore lower on the priority list.)

Anyway, Jason did a row of tile on Saturday night, forgetting about the other one that needed to be done, which I completed on Sunday afternoon. This evening, Jason has been doing the grouting...

...which he just finished. (Mostly. I think he may have to wash a little more off the tiles in a few minutes.)

Do you like my fish? (The grout is still wet.)

The fish was inspired by creative necessity--one of the black tiles for the floor was broken, leaving us not enough to cover the entire floor--so I decided to make a broken tile mosaic!

We should be using the bathroom again before next weekend, if all goes well!

Cute Kid Moment:

The kids are getting ready for bed, and I just overheard Jude singing "Jacob and Sons" from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah...

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  1. Love the fish... did you put it together on the ground first before putting it up on the wall?

  2. Great fish Talena! Please post a few pics of the overall finish...I need a little inspiration for our bathroom. Love!

  3. OOOOHHH! It's all looking SO gorgeous!

    And those sock slippers! I've knit socks before. I might pull that out and get to making some of those in a nice warm cotton or something!

  4. Rohini - Actually, it is on the ground! It's the first thing you walk on as you come into the bathroom. Glad you like it! :-)

    Dawn - Will do, once the toilet is set again and the bathtub has five months of renovation dust cleaned out of it! :-)

    Vicki - Heya! I know I owe you an e-mail. I've been thinking of you every day, saying, OH! I need to e-mail Vicki, but I want it to be a good, long, juicy e-mail that you can sink your teeth into, so I've been waiting until I have a time I can do that and the brain cells to pull it off. Maybe I should just stop waiting, eh?

    Do send me photos of your slipper socks, if you make them. I despise knitting in the round, so these are done on two needles and sewed up the top front. Let me know what you come up with!

    Love ya!

  5. I really like the fish!! Good work Jason!

  6. Impressed with BOTH of you, am I! Love that fish, Tea! ♡


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