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What's With THAT?!

Monday, November 05, 2007

"Here, let me take your picture. You can be my blog post for the day," I said to my husband, as I was cleaning up the tools I had just used on his freshly-shorn hair.

"Okay," he said gamely, if not exactly eagerly. I did a quick style job with some molding putty, then he donned his shirts while I went for the camera.

Jason is probably the least-willing photo subject in our house, actually. Which is probably why there are less photos of him, all by himself, than of any other person.

While I had him on the stool, I wasn't going to let the opportunity of trying to correct that balance slip by. He surprised me on the first photo by actually giving me a small grin. Then I took the second one--and took him by surprise.

"What's with that?!" his look said. He didn't leave, but rebelled by sticking his tongue out when I snapped off the third one. I had been going for "thoughtful," and for obvious reasons, this completely ruined the effect.

"What's with THAT?!" I exclaimed back, and snapped a fourth while he was trying to avoid it.

"That," apparently, is about as much patience as my hubby has for photo-taking in one night.

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