Budding Picasso

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Here are some recent pieces of Jude's artwork:

Green has been Jude's favourite colour for quite some time, well over a year. This monochromatic colouring page is only one of many such examples of the ways he has been putting it to use. He coloured this in late October.

Jude drew this dinosaur sometime earlier this month. This was one of the first things he drew that was recognizable to me.

Jude's assignment on Friday was to draw one thing that happened on the field trip that morning. He chose to draw a picture of when one of his classmates, Haley, was singled out as "model" to demonstrate how the heart monitor works. It looks pretty good, I thought--except she didn't really have that look of horror and terror on her face.

Jude has been surprising Jason and I lately with how well he is drawing "all of sudden." It's like something just "clicked" in his brain about a month ago, and now he can finally translate the ideas in his head to recognizable collections of lines on a page.

His colouring has also improved immensely--he is colouring almost entirely inside the lines now, and--as you can see from his picture of Haley--he has finally started to branch away from green a little, although he still reaches for it the most.

Just another milestone to mark.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Love your "classroom"!

  2. Funny how they seem to developed skills almost over night. Loved the drawing of Jude's friend...reminds me of some of the sketches Calvin makes in the "Calvin and Hobes" comics! Though you could have made that into a really funny story, I would have believed it!

  3. SPARKYYYY!!! That brings back many an old memory. I'm glad to hear Haley wasn't as frightened as Jude's interpretation might indicate. :)


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