Sunday, January 06, 2008

We're home again. Back in the frozen north. The very frozen north.

We spent the last few days of our trip around Sylvan Lake and Medicine Hat--more specifically, Eagles Nest Ranch on the edge of the Cypress Hills, which is only a little over an hour north of the Montana border. The whole south of Alberta was experiencing the most lovely chinook--a weather condition which, sadly, never reaches our little Peace River town since we are too far from the Rocky Mountains and too far north besides. While they had a bare skiff of snow and a warm face-caressing breeze on the other extreme of our province, we had another inch or two added to the already-high mounds of white stuff yesterday.

So, because of the extremely sporadic and dial-uppish nature of my internet connection over the last week, I decided to wait until I got home to continue the update of my trip. However, there is a LOT that I missed, so I plan on relaying it in little blurbs throughout the rest of the week. I haven't even uploaded the photos from my camera to my computer yet!

However, for now, I just wanted to say "HI!" I don't even have time to update beyond that. We got home on Friday night, and it didn't take long to discover that Jabin was no longer thrilled about sleeping in the crib, and alone in a room at that, since he had been sharing sleeping quarters with his brothers for three weeks. The only reason we hadn't moved him out of the crib before we left is because we did not have beds to move everyone "up one" into. After Friday night's fiasco, however, we decided to improvise. We moved Jude's and Noah's beds into Jabin's room, and took Jabin's mattress out of the crib and put it on the floor.

The plan is to turn Jude's and Noah's old room into a dressing room/school room, as I will be starting to home school Jude starting tomorrow. (More on that later.) However, that room has been steadily moving up the list of priorities on "rooms-to-be-painted" since we moved in here, and since it was nearly empty, and we had the paint, we (meaning me) decided yesterday that now was the time.

So. I need to go help finish painting it. I start teaching tomorrow, and I need to put my house back in order before my students arrive and try to find the piano under the mess!

Happy New Year, friends!

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  2. Fiasco.....I can just imagine!! Figured that crib would not look good to the little man any more!

  3. It was SO good to see you, Talena! Your adorable boys just made my week with their sweet hugs. My left leg has never been more loved. :)

    Are you feeling back in the swing of things?

  4. Dawn - Hey, you! Yes, we must, although the results are still indecisive, at best. We'll be speaking soon, you and me!

    Mom - He's loving his mattress on the floor, though!

    Colleen - SO. Good to see you, too. I can't even explain it. You bless me, C. And I'm so glad that your leg has some huggy memories to warm it through the next two months! :-)

    Not quite swinging, yet. More like jolting along at random. You?

  5. Welcome back! And Happy New Year!


  6. we're back too!! just last night!! oh it was AWESOME!!! i LOVED being frozen to death!! lol brought back so many warm memories!! its been such a wonderful holiday!! we went to CenterStreet Church, thats where my uncle goes.

    sigh, now its back to the grind.... but my parents are here as well!!

  7. Hi, Staci! I haven't had time to "make the rounds" yet--so sorry for not dropping by in the last, oh, month or so. I hope you had a good holiday!

    Grafx - I know, I was not looking forward to the craziness of my regular schedule. Already, I'm sleep-deprived. Sigh. At least having your parents there is still like a bit of a holiday! So cool that you got to see them right away!

    I went to Centre Street Church once, I think--way too huge. We lived in Calgary for six months in 2001, and never managed to find a church we felt at home in. Guess it was a good thing that we moved again so quickly. Anyhoo. I must to go back to being "teacher." Hug you!


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