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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

On any given day, when I open Microsoft Outlook, I have six or seven reminders pop up with a loud chime, telling me what I ought to be doing. My typical response is to wince, clap my hands over my ears, and turn down my computer speakers. Then I click "snooze to be reminded in 5 minutes" on the cascade of "to-do" items, quickly try to check my e-mail before they start bugging me again, and close Outlook as quickly as possible.

Okay, seriously, I do take note of what I reminded myself to do--but quite often, right that second is not the best time to do something about it. "Write to _____." That would be great, but I have five milliseconds to clear the urgent items out my Inbox before my kids need my attention again. "Plan Noah's Birthday Party." Wonderful. I'll get right on that as my porridge boils over. "Buy envelopes." Oh, yeah. It would have been good had I checked my Task list before I went shopping then, eh?

I have been trying this new system of alarmed reminders since around the beginning of January. (This actually has nothing to do with a New Year's resolution--it just coincided with the timing of finding the recharging cord for my Palm, which I sync with Outlook, so the darn thing could be useful. I had misplaced it sometime around August.) With the busy-ness of my life, it seemed I was always forgetting about some appointment or birthday or other. I figured the alarmed reminders would help negate that. (Some people might point out that setting myself reminders is only useful if I actually read them--and perhaps, even act on them! Those people can feel free to keep their opinions to themselves. You know who you are.) However, it seems I have forgotten to remind myself of the more important things in life--like my blog-aversary. Blithely it passed me by last Thursday without me giving it so much as a nod of the head. In fact, I just realized that I even had the date wrong--I thought it was on the 10th, not the 7th!

At least my blog won't be offended and not speak to me for a month.

And at least I remembered my mother's and friend's birthdays, which both fall on that day as well. Whew!


A few days ago, Jude announced, "I want to be a cowboy when I grow up!" Jason and I exchanged glances, hiding our grins. "Papa will be thrilled to hear that," I said. (Jude is so proud of the fact that his Papa is "a real cowboy." Or at least, he was once.)

"What do you want to be, Noah?"

"A lion."

He's been a lion pretty much every day since. I figure he's too young to burst his bubble. A boy's gotta have a dream!


Saturday night was Scrapbooking night at the church. Despite teaching a young girl from our church to knit, I still managed to complete four layouts.

Earlier in the day, I had been reading an article in a scrapbooking magazine that was a checklist to knowing if you are addicted to scrapbooking. Included were such things as "When planning a trip, your scrapbook bag is what you pack first," and "You carry a camera in your purse so you always have one with you." As I read down the list, I was chuckling to myself and nodding. One that I had not yet stooped to was "You change your child's outfit to match the paper you want to use on your layout of the event." Nope, haven't done that one!


That night, as I was scrapbooking photos I had taken during the afternoon, I realized I could add "You acquiesce to your child's cute request, just so you can scrapbook about the way they asked it."

Is there a support group for people like me?


Jabin Right Now:

Favourite Phrase: "I do it!"
Favourite Food: Anything with lots of vegetables and no meat. (I don't know who he gets it from. Must be some recessive gene.)
Favourite Person: Still mostly Mommy, but he is beginning to have his "Daddy moments," too.
Favourite Activity: Colouring. On anything. Not always a good thing.
Favourite Songs: Jesus Loves Me, The Alphabet Song, We Will Rock You
Napping?: Most days. Supper time is pretty grouchy in our house if he doesn't nap.
Diapers?: Only at night, and sometimes when we go out for the day--he doesn't like using a big toilet, and often refuses to go on it until he literally can't hold it anymore. I can't wait until summer--then we can teach him to just go in the bushes!
Something that Mommmy can't get enough of: When he leans against me and tries to wrap his little arms around me (which means his hands are holding tightly to my biceps) and says, "I lowoo, Mommy."

What's been tickling your funny bone, lately?

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  1. I have been getting better at reading the notices that Google pops up for me in my inbox...but I still quite often delete them or star it so that "I'll look at it later." Riiiight.

  2. I stopped putting reminders in my outlook. It is very frightening to come to work and have your computer scream reminders at you first thing in the morning... have reverted to the good old hand-written things to do list.

    And if you're feeling bad about missing your bloggiversary, check out my latest post...

  3. What's been tickling my funny bone lately??
    The Lord loves me in spite of me!! And he treats me SOOOO GOOD!!
    Weather in the 60's for a few days!
    Even heard the frogs!
    Enjoying my parents company!
    Learning more about God's plan for my nutritional health!
    That's what!
    Love you!!

  4. I've not resorted to electronic reminders, too fussy, though I'd assume not as easy to loose like say a scrap of paper that I generally use to jot my day down on. Great scrapbooking page by the way. Your little bit on Jabin made me giggle--he must be so cute! Hugs.


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