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Monday, March 10, 2008

Jude got a fish on Friday. He picked the gravel (green, of course!), picked the fish, and debated all the way home whether he was red-orange or orange-red.

He named him Louie. He has been asking me about three times a day to feed the fish, but this fish does better being fed every other day or so. I think that's been a little frustrating to Jude.

Louie's new home is beside my "books to read" pile. Maybe if I prop one open beside him he can dictate to me while I work in the kitchen. What do you think?

Louie is a Siamese Fighting Fish, and therefore destined to a lonely, solitary existence in this jar. Hopefully no one dumps anything in his water that shouldn't be there (NOAH!) or gives him too many blood worms so he dies in a myopic overindulgent orgy. I've never had a fish before, so I think I'm a little bit worried every time I pass this jar that I'm going to see him belly-up, thereby proving my complete inability to care for a pet that should be so "low-maintenance" that a child can do it. (I think I've been scared by too many finicky gold-fish stories.)

I wonder if he is related to Foo? Somehow, I don't think he'll ever tell.

(I wonder if he's even a "he?!" Hee.)

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  1. Just curious as to how a Siamese Fighting Fish was the fish of choice?? Since Jude was picking.... was it perhaps in the name?? :)
    He looks good in his new home! Perhaps putting a cover might protect him from Noah's "gifts"?

  2. The green gravel looks totally cool - good choice, Jude!

  3. Mom - Goldfish are too finicky, as mentioned. These fish only need a jar, water, and the occasionally feeding, and they're good. No filters, no air pumps, no aquarium. Mommy and Daddy were strongly in favour of the Siamese Fighting Fish, and had to convince him away from the goldfish.

    Rohini - It does set off the orange-red tones on the fish rather nicely, doesn't it? ;-)

  4. Oh! Well, hmmmm. Louie is very sweet and I like him a lot and I think he is Foo's nephew. And I REALLY hope he lives because [ack] Foo was DEFINITELY finicky and I loved him alot and I truly wish Louie's days are long and healthy.


  5. Colleen - Louie does not seem to be very finicky so far, but my husband observed he might be a little more active if so much of his living space wasn't taken up by plant! And that was the smallest one they had! So we are thinking of moving him from a bachelor suite to a condo and letting him take over one of my gallon glass jars as his house. I hope that this is a smart move!


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