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Monday, March 17, 2008

Remember way back when, when I described the Battle of The Men In My Life?

Well, Dad, look what I happened upon last night:

Notice the shirt that Jason is wearing in this photo, circa 1982. (Try not to rub it in his face too much, 'kay, Dad?)

Honey, have you even been on a horse since then? ;-)

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  1. Looks like Jay is enjoying it, too!

  2. That is one SERIOUS hat, Jason. I don't understand it entirely but it is serious.


  3. Mom - :-)

    Colleen - Seriously. You are totally right. :-D

  4. Yes I have been on a horse since then. As for the shirt, it's amazing to what extent people (i.e. relatives ) will go to indoctrinate the next generation of sporting fans.
    Fortunately at that point in my young life I did not care about hockey. It wasn't until I was more mature and intelligent that I chose the Edmonton Oilers as the greatest hockey team.



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