I Could Use A Little Fuel Myself

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I need to get out of here--out of my house, out of this town, beyond the boundaries of these four walls and this river valley. I need to breathe fresh air, see green trees, stretch my legs and my mind and my horizons. I need to get behind the wheel and drive and drive until I don't want to drive any more. I feel the call of warm weather, warm company, and warm Starbuck's Caramel Apple Cider.

I need an adventure. I've been cooped up too long, doing the same thing, stuck in bed, too tired to do my laundry. I'm tired of looking out my own front window. I'm tired of walking the same worn paths around my house. I'm tired of being tired.

C'mon, Honey! Let's load up our stuff, load up our kids, load up the van! Let's seek out adventures, greener pastures, the wind on our faces and the sun on our backs! Let's hit the road and get out of here!

Spring. Break. Can't come soon enough.

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  1. Oh, Talena! I wish you could whisk away! It has been the coldest winter in years in the far north and the snow and the white and the frozen everything of it all has just gone and on and on and on and on and on. How good it would be if you could just escape for even a day. Is there a local spa at which you could replenish if even just for a few minutes?

  2. hey talena, my presence here is a la my phone ;). Now I can read blogs as bedtime Reading!
    I understand your feeling for the first time, having experienced such a long winter (my first~ dull n dark) I hope Easter brings u warmth, sunshine & Easter delights! Best wishes, ace

  3. Hi Talena, just been catching up and am sorry you've been suffering, hope you're all feeling better now.

    Love the party pics, these little ones sure do grow too quickly!

    Are you planning to go away? I can't wait to go away for a few days, clear the cobwebs etc :) xx

  4. Hi Talena
    Same here in North Idaho-worst winter in years.If Global Warming gets any worse,we will be bureid in ice(:)

  5. Cabin fever supreme!! I wish you an adventure to cure it.....soon!!

  6. Colleen - There is a spa. I most likely will not be able to visit it. But I am having serious thoughts about a chiropractor and a massage therapist after the amount of time I have spent in bed recently. Thanks for your warm thoughts. They seem to be working, because the sun has been out busily melting snow the last few days. I think spring may have heard my cries and come early this year!

    Aakanksha - YAY! for technology! When it works. Our internet was down all weekend, curtailing at least five posts I was going to put up here! (:-รพ

    I hope you have a warm week!

    Clare - We are going away, in fact, during Easter Week. We shall be visiting our family and friends and glutting ourselves on social activity and a change in schedule. Yippee! Less than two weeks away.

    That's the only downer of spring sunshine--with it pouring in the windows, you can suddenly see all those cobwebs, can't you? Oh well, I think it's a price I'm willing to pay. I hope you have a wonderful March, Clare-O-K!

    CSK - There's some irony, hey? But isn't that the way the Ice Ages start? Will we all be forced to live at the equator in a few years after the planet has covered the poles in glaciers again? Hmm...food for thought. Maybe I'll just move now and beat the rush.

    Thanks for visiting me so much recently! I popped over to your place, but have had little time (and no internet!) to read much. Do keep coming by, though, and sharing your cheery thoughts!

    Mom - Counting down the sleeps...


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