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If Little Tiny Birdies Fly Beyond The Rainbow, Why Oh Why Can't I?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Here I am, back at the keyboard. Back in the saddle. Or whatever. (Okay, the saddle is definitely figurative.)

Whew! What a great, busy, full, amazing week! Since I only have limited time to post right now (read: I really want to go work up a sweat playing Dance Dance Revolution some more), I will summarize in a bullet list. Get ready to duck, 'cause here they come atcha:

  • Great Easter weekend with a whole lotta family. There was a baby shower for my cousin Robin's first baby Owen on Saturday. What a little sweet pickle! Well, maybe more like a peach. Definitely edible. That was followed by Easter Dinner at my in-laws, where we got to meet my nine-month-old nephew Kayden for the first time. (That is definitely one of my favourite ages.) Also, for the first time, Jude and Noah "clicked" with Kayden's older sister Kayla (who is Jude's age), and they got along famously. I think Jude was just thrilled to find out he has a cousin his age, since all of his friends up here are cousins with each other, and he definitely feels the exclusion of not being "in the family."
  • The next day, Sunday, was followed by more food, as well as the momentous occasion of meeting my dad's girlfriend Tina. *wolf-whistle in Tina's general direction* I think ya' got a keeper there, Dad.
  • After a weekend of gluttony, we left our kids with Jason's mom and sister for the day on Monday while I drove Jason to the airport. (Don't ask about the reasons for that yet--I'm not at liberty to talk about it.) While I was in Edmonton, I went to a LASIK clinic for a consultation. And booked a surgery for Thursday!
  • The intervening two days were spent doing a LOT of shopping (or so it felt like, with three little boys and a momma who are unused to spending that much time stepping in and out of stores anymore) and hanging out with my brother and father. Also, desperately trying to find a babysitter for while I was in Edmonton on Thursday.
  • Said babysitter emerged--the kids were once again safely ensconced at their grandmother's house, and I was on my merry--if somewhat anxious--way to Edmonton with my brother as driver. We arrived in good time for my 11:45 appointment, and by 1:00 it was all over. I sat in the post-op room with Logan, trying to subdue the "fight-or-flight" mode my body had gone into from all the weird experiences it had just gone through, but already seeing better with my naked eyes than I had in years.
  • The rest of the day was mostly spent sleeping and putting drops in my eyes, as well as getting used to the sexy goggles you have to wear while sleeping. (I could audition for The Fly--Resurrection in those babies, I tell ya'.) By the next morning at my 8:00 a.m. follow-up appointment, I was seeing 20/20 in each eye individually, and 20/15 with them together! WHOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (I have needed glasses since I was nine years old. This is a really big deal.)
  • We flew back to Sylvan from Edmonton. Okay, not really. My brother drove his little Honda at a very legal speed-limity pace, whilst trying to addict me to a PlayStation Portable game called Patapon. (It was pretty fun, I have to admit.) I packed up my kids and the remainder of our things into the van, then drove back to Edmonton to pick up Jason from the airport, from whence we wound our wonderful way to where we wiv. Uh, I mean, "live."
So, that's pretty much it. Now, as per usual when I return from holidays, I am trying to postpone diving back into "work mode" until the last possible second, because once it starts it just never seems to stop. I can be thankful that, as far as I am concerned, summer starts in only eight weeks.

Don't mind me if I start counting sleeps already. (Only fifty-six more to go...)

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  1. Hey Talena! That's awesome! It must feel sooooooo good. :) Was it scary or weird at all?

  2. I wasn't freaked out until I laid down on the table. The actual operation was a little weird, but it was over so quickly (less than 20 minutes) that most of the freakiness hits you after it's all over.

    It's been so, so great to be able to see. All on my own.

    I do recommend it, though. :-)

  3. I wish I still had my little Honda :(

  4. Even as I wrote it, I was thinking "I think it's actually a Toyota. Oh, well, Logan will let me know!" :-)


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