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Noah The Great Turns Four

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Despite the fact that I had spent the morning and most of the previous day in bed fighting The Return of The Virus From Hell, I decided to go ahead with Noah's birthday party on Friday. Amanda, who seems to be my resident butt-saver, (okay, not quite resident, but almost!) came over to help set up a bit. Jason corralled the kids into cleaning up toys, etc. I went out and bought party favours and picked up the cake.

Noah had such a good time, as did all the other kids. The theme was Disney's Cars. Since nine out of the ten kids were male, it's no wonder it was such a big hit! Well, almost everything was a big hit--the juice didn't go over extremely well, even though we told them it was gasoline. (Jason might have ruined that a bit by then saying it was dog pee. Boys. Where do they come up with this stuff?) After my sinuses cleared a bit (the next day) and I sampled the juice again, I had to admit that limeade, banana and pineapple probably weren't the best combination, but I couldn't really tell that at the time, now could I?

Anyway, here's my photo blog of the party:

Jonah gets thoroughly dizzified before being set loose to "Stick the Number on the Car."

At least he hit the poster!

We didn't make Jabin wear a blindfold. He didn't seem to mind.

Noah wears this lion costume so much, I'm beginning to think he should have been born in August!

Put on a happy face.

Spitting out the candle.

Oh, yeah. Life is Good.

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  1. Spitting out the candle!! Love it!!
    Looks like ya'll had a blast!
    Love ya'll!! :) ;)

  2. Ha! I was going to say the same thing as Laurel - "spitting out the candle". I can feel the spray from here! I'm having trouble believing your 4-year old lion isn't a cub anymore. (or is that kitten?)

    Happy birthday, Noah!


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