Friday Good Things

Friday, April 04, 2008

I love spring! Here are some other really great things about today:

  • The sound of water dripping out of our blocked eaves-troughs--it means the snow is melting off the roof, landing in my front flower-beds, facing my almost-snowless front yard, and getting it ready for the sunflower seeds I am going to plant almost a month early this year! (If the winters be hard let the springs be early, I say.)
  • The TULIPS that are poking up in said front flower-bed! YIPPEE!
  • My husband's just-got-home kisses.
  • Three little boys that were well-behaved all day during errands.
  • Reading with my kids.
  • Jabin picking out a library book completely unaided for the first time--and the fact that he picked I Want A Pirate Suit, and that he loves it so much already, is just perfect. (I think I secretly want to be a pirate. But a nice one--none of this raping and pillaging stuff. Do you think there is a market for nice pirates?)
  • A craft room that is about half-way through the spring cleaning/reorganization process. I've been ignoring it all winter, piling scrapbooking stuff around my dining room table and tripping small children with it, because a) I was too busy to take the time to put things away properly in my craft room, so I would just throw things in there randomly, b) the mending projects were crowding out space for everything else, and c) it was too cold in that basement mid-winter to inspire me to freeze my knackers off to remedy the situation. Last night, I went and bought about 20 largish shoe-box-sized Rubbermaid containers, and the organization frenzy began, not abating until the wee hours. (There is something so therapeutic about uninterrupted organizing, I was hesitant to quit.) I shall be tackling the rest tonight.
  • Movie night with my hubby tonight.
  • The chocolate chip & banana cookies I shall be making shortly to be consumed during the movie. Mmm-mmm. Wanna come over?
  • These amazing kids:

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  1. I too want to be a pirate T! An organizer pirate. Sailing the seven seas to organize all that's in disarray about the world would be great! Wanna join me? Great to hear all's well with your peepers and tots! And you're right, it was good to hug you in person and see just how your little men have grown. Next time it'll have to be longer. Hugs!

  2. Sounds good to me! See next post for our new title!


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