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"Jude and ______ sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

Friday, April 18, 2008

Today is our day "out and about"--and by "our," I obviously mean the kids and I. And by "out and about," I obviously mean we get to do our errands because this is Payday.

But besides that, Friday morning is Story Time at the library, which we get to most weeks. After that, we usually only have about an hour before Noah needs to go to his afternoon PUF program (I never have figured out what that stands for), so we usually go out for lunch as a "special treat." (Our one meal out a week.)

Today, we had just started eating, when Jude pipes up with a completely unprompted question. The wheels had obviously been turning in his brain on this one for a while.

Jude: Why do you and Daddy talk so much?
Mom: (grinning) 'Cause we like each other. Someday you'll find a girl you like to talk to lots, and you'll probably marry her, too.
Jude: And she'll be my wife?
Mom: Yep. Just make sure whoever it is is your best friend.
Jude: Will we like to talk to each other?
Mom: Yep.
Jude: I don't know what to say!
Mom: It's okay. You've got a long time before you get married.
Jude: Like, what age do you get married at? (He's been saying "Like" at the beginning of sentences a lot lately.)
Mom: Usually sometime after the age of 18, but there is no set age to get married at.
Jude: How do you know when?
Mom: Well, when you find the right person.
Jude: How do you know it's the right person?
Mom: Just make sure you marry your best friend.
Jude: (pauses, then understanding dawns.) Like Emily!
Mom: Yep, like Emily!

Sometimes I wonder what those two are up to when they are playing. Now I'm going to be wondering how soon he is going to propose! :-)

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  1. And so it begins...glad your boys have such sound advice from such a wise mother. Hugs to you!

  2. Whoa! That soon huh?! I thought I had atleast another 10 years before I had to get my act together on answering such questions right :)

  3. Dawn - I don't know if I'd call myself wise, but I did manage to make a good choice in husband's, so I guess I know a little! ...

    Rohini - It kinda shocked me, too! Better start planning your script! :-)

  4. Whoa!! Emily?! I think she has her eye on Jabin! LOL Oh the questions kids ask, and I love kid logic! :)

  5. I love this, T! I remember when my mom told me as a young girl about finding the right person. I thought you had to go knocking on doors down the streets asking the person who answered the door if they'd marry you until finally someone would say yes. It sounds like Jude understood a whole lot more than I did!

  6. This, made me smile. kids are amusing, aren't they?

    But then again, I must warn you, the guys have met have had the problem that they don't realise who the person is until it is almost too late, during which much grief is caused. See, I nearly got away, forever and ever.


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