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Sunday, April 06, 2008

After three days riding the high seas of chaos, where things always get much worse before they get better, I finished organizing my craft room last night. Dawn and I are now The Pirates Who Organize Everything, and for proof that I deserve to be part of this elitist group, I am posting, for your viewing pleasure, in-colour photographic evidence of my geekiness.

(The Pirates Who Organize Everything may be hired out for exorbitant fees that will simulate the feeling of getting plundered, for an authentic pirate-encounter experience. Cannon-ball holes in the living room wall are free of charge. Contact me at 1-800-RIPPED OFF for your personal consultation.)

Rubbermaid products are an essential part of any organization endeavour.

Also, labels. (They are all hiding on the ends of the containers. I haven't done up more for the sides, yet.)

My "Inspiration Bucket" and toolkit.

Look at all the pretty colours!

Close-up on geekiness.

Silk and Paper Flowers all in a row--you gotta have some Pretty in with the Practical, after all.

P.S. My "Craft Room" is a re-purposed wet bar in my basement. It works pretty well, actually! It's surprising how much stuff you can fit into a small space with enough shelves and plastic containers! :-)

How was your weekend, friends?

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  1. Oh Talena, I just love it! Great job. And I'll be singing that little Veggie Tales pirate ditty all day now; of course with the words changed to "We are the Pirates who organize everything, we just stay home and organize everything around...."


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