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Rainy Day Lady

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Fun Rainy Day Activity:

Play with the camera by a window.

This morning at breakfast, we were just finishing up and Jude broke out with another one of his random comments:

"Mom, you are getting a little older, and your face is changing."

Thanks for that, son. Way to remind me.

I still feel twenty. Does that count?

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! That is hilarious. And you should know that his comments in no way match your pictures. You are beautiful.

  2. Kids'll do it to ya every time!! Brings back LOTS of memories!!
    Love you!!

  3. Well I for one think you do still look twenty or at least could pass as someone who's celebrating the tenth anniversary of their twentieth birthday! Either way I echo Colleen - you are beautiful!

  4. Nice t-shirt! And when did you get your hair cut short?

    Feel twenty? Lucky thing. I feel like 88, except when I'm walkign through the parks. Then, I'm 5.

    This sunday brings a hot day, the plan is to have a picnic in the park, play frisbee and 'water pistols'. 88? Pshaw.



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