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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

When I was young, I was never the kind of girl who tried to make a fashion statement with her clothes. Mostly 'cause I didn't know how. My fashion statement was "this girl does not have the faintest inkling about fashion. She doesn't even know there is a word 'fashion.'" My fashion was determined by what came in the goodwill boxes. Whether the outfits went together or not.

Even as I got older, though, and started earning my own money and buying my own clothes, my T-shirts tended to be chosen more for layering functionality than to make a fashion statement. Or any statement, for that matter. Even on the rare occasions that I bought brand-name stuff, I purposely chose things that did NOT have a logo emblazoned across the front. I wanted my clothes to be of good quality, but I didn't feel the need to advertise for the clothing company, or appear "cool" because of what I wore.

If I ever did try to make a statement, it was more along the lines of "I'm wearing this because I like it and I don't care what you think." In solid blocks of colour.

I guess that was about as sassy as I ever got. That, and the occasional plunging neckline and lycra mini-skirt that sent my father looking for his .22.

Having words on a shirt I had made a couple of years ago was actually a big step for me. In fact, considering my font fascination, I actually find it a little surprising that it was the only shirt in my closet with words on it at all... until yesterday.

When these came:

Now we're talking "sass" in a whole new language.

But not too much sass--I am, after all, still wearing pants!

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