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First comes love, then comes marriage...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A couple of days ago, I was playing with the boys, and Jude all of a sudden says, "Mom, David says you can't marry your friends, but I want to marry Emily!"

Several things go through my mind all at once:

1. What is with this sudden obsession with the topic of marriage by my five-year-old? I thought only girls did that at this age?

2. Where on Earth did David get that idea, and who made him the marriage guru? I mean, I know he's achieved the wise old age of six, but C'mon!

3. Was David's comment actually a subtle ploy to try to trick Jude into getting his mind off of David's little sister?

I kind of snorted to myself, then said, "Actually, it is better to marry someone who is your friend."

"So it's okay if I marry Emily?"


Noah broke in: "I marry Emiyee!"

Great. I hope this sibling rivalry doesn't escalate in later years.

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    I just read this out to Mark.

    "Marrying a friend is a very good idea!"

  2. (giggle!) I'm pretty sure that they will each have gone through several mind changes between now and when they get serious! Although...... then again, maybe not!! Life is never dull or boring, huh?!?
    Love you!

  3. Ace - As long as you've got that covered! ;-)

    Mom - Most likely. Most of the time, Emily is actually hanging out with Jabin, not the other two!


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