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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Well, it's done.

It began on Sunday morning: three solid days of renovating and cleaning madness. Carpet shampooers and saws and paint cans were flying left and right. Beds were moved next to couches, couches were moved into the dining room, kitchen cupboards were even moved around at random, but eventually everything was put back to the way it should be.

Which is, in itself, a spooky thing. I don't think, in our history in this house, there have ever been so many things where they should be at one time. It is kind of surreal to walk around and see not a trace of a toy strewn haphazardly about, all the carpets shiny and fluffy, all the shoes in their cubbies or on mats, and not a sign of a paint brush or hammer laying around anywhere.

The renovation projects are not completely finished... but they are at about 90%. And the "do-or-die" push has eased off a little bit, since we listed our house last night, and that is when the photographs were taken. Then there was an "agent showing" for all the realtors in the area this morning--so now, although we will try to maintain this as much as possible, I can let the kids play with their toys again!

Besides the loss of sleep, there was one other price paid for all this organization--last night I noticed that the small diamond in my wedding band was missing. The empty claws were snagging at my clothes, which tipped me off. Since it happened in the melee of the cleaning frenzy, it could be absolutely anywhere. It is very small, so my hopes of finding it are pretty much non-existent. It's probably in the vacuum cleaner somewhere.

As I looked at the ring closely, I noticed the claws on the 5-year band on the other side were also getting pretty worn, so I decided to just take it off until we can afford to repair it. (The three bands are welded together.)

Jason cracked a joke about having to hire a bodyguard to keep the guys off me now, since I'll be walking around without my ring.

"I'm sure they'll just be beating a path to the door of my home now that the ring is off," I replied, laughing. "I think I can handle myself, anyway."

As an afterthought, I added, "And wouldn't it just be cheaper to fix the ring?"

"Good point."

(Click on photo to see missing-rock space. Not to be confused with a missing space rock.)

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  1. Oh nuts! At least it's not the big rock in the middle, as I'd imagined. I've often wondered about the strength of my set too. Suppose one should check on these things. When's move day for you guys?

  2. You're supposed to have them inspected once a year, which I did for the first two or three years of marriage--but it's kind of tough to get to our jeweler's, now, and I usually forget when we are in the area. Phooey. Wish I had been a little more diligent, now.

  3. Did... did.. you just use the word "Phooey" as a sentence? Is there something in the Peace River air that retrogressed you to age 7? I mean, wow.

    You should read this. It became too long to put in a comment here :)


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