Call me Mellow Yellow

Friday, August 29, 2008

On Tuesday, my friend Robin B. gave me a quart and a half of fresh cream. Tonight, I made butter for the first time. Beautiful, yellow, fall butter.

It was fun. It was easy. And I can't wait to sink my teeth into a piece of toast slathered in the stuff.

Want some?

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  1. Hey! You used cream to make butter? How does that work? It has been on my agenda to make home-made white butter which I will do this evening!!But, I'll be using yogurt + water. Don't know how it'll turn out because I'm not so sure about the 'fat content' of the supermarket yogurt...

    Did I mention how I am having a lot of difficulty drinking milk here after returning from Canada because it just seems so watery... whereas in Canada, the milk tasted so creamy, fresh, smooth and just beautiful!!

    Mummy's coming next week anyway. So, I'm sure she'll try out making yogurt with the milk here etc. and see if it works... Also, I expect lessons in making Rotis. (Better remind her to buy me a rolling pin)

    Enjoy the butter! It looks delicious! Oh, and I bought maple syrup too while I was in Canda. It is SO different from what the supermarkets sell.

  2. Very impressive!! Yay for butter! I feel a craving for toast coming on.

  3. Hi, Ace! Yes, you mentioned that you heart Dairyland milk, now. It's the best brand here, for sure. (If we're talking pasteurized and homogenized, that is.) You must have severely skimmed milk there, eh? If so, yogurt could be interesting. And, also, the butter from that yogurt.

    How the heck do you make butter from yogurt?! Since it is all the fat molecules abused so badly that they have to start sticking together to prevent more yellow bruising? Yogurt is only 3% milk fat here, and only if you look hard for whole-milk yogurt, as the "powers-that-be" have increasingly been deciding that people shouldn't be eating full-fat yogurt. Cream, of course, has a much higher milk fat content, so making butter from this has got to be much easier, not to mention more satisfying. Hmmm... I'm so curious, now.

    Anne - Mmmm... Toast. Maybe I should go eat brekky. Bless you, Anne!

  4. Tried to make butter... got nothing out of it. Ended up using the yogurt+water blended mixture to make Raita. yum.

  5. Hey, Ace, here's a slightly anal way of making butter, but a good general overview. (For the record, I used my electric hand mixer to churn mine, and only left the cream out for a couple of hours instead of culturing it. I did not boil the cream, and the only smooshing of the butter I did was with my hands. And it worked anyway, gosh darnit.)


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