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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just Me. Sitting here, thinking, *Wouldn't it be great if the house-cleaning fairy came and cleaned all five of my bathrooms today? Ha!*

Myself, also thinking, I love it when little boys play together without screaming. Even if the T-Rex is roaring so constantly it sounds like a storm blowing in. Let's go have some sourdough bread.

Also thinking, *Mmm, I love the smell of fresh-baked bread. But just because I already baked bread today doesn't mean the bathrooms don't need to be done. What if we had a last-minute showing tonight?*

The voice in the other hemisphere of my brain pipes up, You mean, because there is so much risk of that? We've had what, ONE so far?!

*But there was that last-minute one that canceled in the last half-minute last night! What if they call back?*

Ah, the eternal optimist. Tell ya what, let's recap the weekend for the folks and see if you just change your mind.

So, I turned 31 on Sunday. Not really in honour of the occasion, but it was a nice coinkidink, that my father and brother came up Friday night for the weekend, not leaving until about 4 on Sunday. On Saturday, we went golfing for Jason's company tournament--the first year that I was able to go with him, for various and sundry reasons. It was really fun. Dad golfed with us, Logan walked the course (in 32 degree weather! In black jeans and a black shirt! Crazy guy. He blames us, I know--"we didn't tell him about the golfing." Hee hee.)

Amanda and her kids came over for dinner on Sunday--I cooked up a venison roast, and she helped me prep the whipped potatoes, gravy, carrot salad and peas. Dessert of Oreo Fudge Ice Cream Cake from Dairy Queen was supplied by Logan and Dad. They were right--that chocolate swirl icing on top did say my name! I could almost hear it calling me! :-)

After my birthday every year, it always seems like some magic switch is thrown. The weather starts to get chillier, and my thoughts start switching gears from summer to fall. So the last couple of days I have been starting to prepare for the new school year--no easy task, considering we do not yet know our exact moving date. Thanks to the move, we will likely start school a little late this year, and do it less intensely until we get settled down there a little better. Not that I'm worried--it's only grade one. We can "catch up" by doing full days for a while after we move, instead of only the half days I had intended to do.

I bet the pie crust is soft enough to go roll out now.

*Then with the bathrooms?*

Sigh. Alright, if you insist, we'll do the bathrooms.

Guess Me, Myself and I have come to a decision. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Golfing and tasty cooked by Talena food along with oreos ice cream?!
    What better way to celebrate? May the coming year bring you much joy, good health and prosperity!

  2. Thanks, Ace. And I will be responding to your lovely e-mail today! Hugs, you!


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