"Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese."*

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sometimes the words come easy, like milk frothing out of a clean, glass jar, filling up the glass and overflowing onto the laminate before you even have time to realize what was happening.

Sometimes, they are more like soured cream, in thick, smelly lumps, each one making a loud splat as you tip the jar into the sink.

Sometimes the words are so stale, and so stagnant, they've become cheese. Blue cheese. Stinky, crumbly, their days of flowing so long forgotten they hardly realize they came from the same source as that bubbly glass of milk.

Tonight, I feel like Blue Cheese.

I'm tired, 'cause I have been working hard to keep a house clean (thank the Lord my mother has been around lately to help with that!) AND trying to get myself organized for a new school year (which I am not very good at, yet, seeing as this is only my first whole year of home schooling) AND trying to get organized for a move (which I'm not really allowed to pack for yet, since we haven't sold the house, and we all know a house full of furniture is much more appealing than a house full of boxes).

We had a showing over the lunch hour today, so Mom and I decided we would just head out and do some errands, eat out, and then come home. However, while we were eating our lunch, the realtor called and said the people wanted to see it a second time tonight at 6:45 for an hour. Of course, we said "yes", but I didn't want to go home and make a mess to be cleaned up again (since, as everyone knows, making messes is what little boys do best.) So, we spent the entire day inventing things that we could do around town, succeeding rather admirably, actually. Our van is now very clean (at least on the outside), we now possess a few more Easy Reader books, and I feel pretty crappy from all the junky restaurant food I ate today (the Chinese food for supper was the pièce de résistance.)


It was all worth it! Tonight we had our first offer on the house. Not a bad one--this could actually work out.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, though.

Funny how a little shift in the action can make all things seem possible, just when you were contemplating entering the Gloom Forest because it seemed like nothing was happening.

How was your Monday, friends?

*G.K. Chesterton

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  1. It is annoying when important things can only happen sequentially and have ifs or whens involved. But it happens. And you're doing a beautiful job - for a homosapien! ;-)

    I hope it all goes well. I'm glad to be home and eating home cooked food again after a whole week of eating out!

    By the way, it was a pleasure to talk to you, though I can only remember myself rambling ^_^

    x Ace

  2. I love that Chesterton quote! It's a first I've heard words described like various milkish states. I loved it! But I'm sad to hear you feel like Blue cheese.

    But oh I hope, I hope, I hope this offer works out for you. Ack! It's weird to wish something for you when it means you'll have to leave the town you love. What a mixed-up-feelings time this is. xo

  3. Love the term "gloom forest". All too easy to slip into that realm!

  4. Glad that the gloom is lifting!

    Good luck on the offer going through. I know they are super stressful times but I'm sure you're handling them beautifully even if you don't think you are... :)

  5. Our monday was great! Glad to hear things are looking up for you guys. Still can't believe you guys are headed south. But we'll keep praying for you. Hugs!

  6. Thank you all for your kind words and good wishes, friends. I heart the Internet, because of folks like you. :-)


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