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Thursday, August 07, 2008

36 degrees Celsius.

That's how hot it was downtown today. I was going to create a digital layout and post it here tonight of all the fun we had at the splash park today, but I got busy scanning in old layouts instead. So in lieu of the layout I haven't got made yet, I am posting another layout that epitomizes today: Jude whining. Sigh. He got to skip supper tonight because he was whining about it. I just hope he doesn't puke in the morning before we can put something in his stomach.

When will the boy ever learn?

Edit: Okay, I got 'er done. Enjoy!

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  1. "When will the boy ever learn?"

    Personality differences.

    As a warrior with unforseen battles round ever corner, I walk, stumble, strike, fall and then get up and keep battling on. Such is life. Just keep on keeping on.

    I am heading to Vancouver for a Canadian Hug. x

  2. Whoo-HOO! Sigh. Vancouver has never seemed farther away.

    Have fun, though!

  3. Please save some of those temperatures for me. I'm getting quite acclimated to the weather down here, and fear I may freeze my little tootsies in September up there! Guess I'll make sure to bring all-weather gear!!
    Love you!

  4. You know the weather like this only lasts for three days, so I guess we're done. Sorry to disappoint you. You missed it.

    Next year, you'll have to visit Canada in August, not September. Maybe you'll hit the "hot-weather window" then! :-)


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