Various and Sundered Prayers

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dear God,

Please do not let Jason and Talena get any offers on their house. We don't want them to move away.


Peace River Chapter of Friends of the Winters

Dear God,

Please let us sell our house soon, so I can stop cleaning it every. single. day.


Exhausted in Alberta

P.S. Thank you for providing us with so many loving friends. But please don't listen to anything they say.

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  1. Your making me smile again. Have a beautiful day tomorrow.

  2. Thanks, Anna! :-) So glad my words blessed you today.

  3. Did you actually mean the prayers were ripped apart by force in reference to you not wanting God to listen to your friends prayers, or did you actually mean sundry in the traditional usage of "various and sundry" (which is actually redundant)?

    Just curious :p Misused common phrases are a pet peeve of mine, but clever twists are always fun :)

  4. Well, I did mean sundered, but not so much forceful ripping as "divided", "On opposite sides of."

    It was supposed to be a clever twist on the "sundry", yes.


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