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Give Me Some Sugar

Monday, September 15, 2008

This is me:

So much to do, so little time. That's the way I've been feeling lately. My phone has rung so much today, I'm going to start answering it, "Hello, Taco Bell." That ought to throw folks, considering we don't even have a Taco Bell in Peace River!

On the weekend, we saw more friends than we saw all summer. Tell ya, when you move, you suddenly have friends you didn't know about... Waving cheerfully, watching you leave. Just kidding. It's truly hard to believe how many people we wish we didn't have to leave behind here. Sigh. And they all fed us full of sugar to show their love.

Sugar = Love.

I guess it's not a new concept.

Our furniture started walking out the door last weekend, as we slowly began selling it off. Now, we only have a few pieces that aren't gone or spoken for--Jason's actually on a furniture delivery as we speak! We are only one week from "The Great Loading Day," so we are not doing school this week (except whatever worksheets Jude decides to do for fun--because, yes, he really does love math!) and are focusing on packing and taking care of last-minute details. There only seem to be about a million of those.

As I told Jason tonight, "I'm starting to freak out." Freak out that we won't be able to get everything done in time, freak out that we really are leaving one of our favourite places on earth behind, freaking out for fear of the unknown, and freaking out that we'll be living in the United States--a place I have only lukewarm feelings about.

Anyway, at least we'll get to enjoy a winter without forty below for once. (Even the year I went to India from October to February, I somehow managed to get home for the worst part of the winter. That year, Alberta freakishly did not get snow until December 31st. And yes, "freak" is my word of the day.)

The kids' beds all left last Sunday and Monday, and they have had a total blast "camping out" on their bedroom floor in sleeping bags. Jason and I don't have to camp out, only because our mattress is so terrible that I refuse to inflict it on anyone else--it goes straight to the dumpster. Yay! Something else to look forward to--a new, good mattress, for the first time in our marriage! We are still using the caved-in gem my aunt gave us out of our need when we first got married--it was headed for the dumpster then. No wonder I have back problems. (We won't mention my appalling lack of physical activity in the last couple of years. Yay! Something else to look forward to! Dry, level roads, slightly warmish weather, and children finally old enough to make going for a walk not a complete torture. Okay, the kids still can't walk fast enough for Mommy to get any exercise, so I am seriously going to have to work on planning that into my day. Sigh.)

The guy who is taking our dining room table has kindly let us keep it until we move, since he's just a single guy in an apartment. Very sweet of him.

My house is a jumble of boxes and stuff-to-be-packed. It looks kind of like Wal-Mart on Boxing Day around here. Except the stuff doesn't have any tags on it. And some of it is actually better quality.

Last Saturday, I took the kids with me on a drive out to Fairview to pick up new roof racks for our van. On the way, I thought I'd see what the answer was to the question I kept getting asked: "Are the kids excited?"

"Hey, guys! Are you excited to be moving?" I yelled above Junior's Playtime Songs, glancing in the rear-view mirror.

"Yah!!!!" came an unhesitating, unified roar from the back. I was a bit taken aback.

"Really? Why?"

Jude volunteered first: "'Cause there'll be lots of hotels to stay at, with lots of swimming pools..."

Ah. At which point I clarified that we would not be on holidays... this is where we would be living now. Thankfully, that didn't seem to dampen his (or the other two kids') spirits any.

It's kind of weird to be packing a suitcase for the next couple of months (while we stay with my Mom and Mike), and then living out of that while you pack all the rest of your clothes in boxes... and you're still in your own house! It is also trickier than I thought to try and pack light, while still being able to function for the next couple of months. I guess I'll soon find out how I did at that.

One more thing: I got a webcam a couple of weeks ago, and I haven't even got to use it yet. Not as a communications tool, anyway. I don't know enough people on Skype, yet, apparently. And I don't feel like downloading every little messenger program out there and bogging down my computer. I'm too stubborn. And I think my computer is already slow enough.

However. Here is the real me. As seen by my computer for several hours a day.

Aren't you suddenly glad that most of the time I just type? :-)

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  1. Don't worry about living in the US. Arkansas is just barely considered to be part of America. Most Americans don't even know where it is.

  2. Ha ha! Well, I can tell ya that 99% of the Canadians we've been telling about this give you kind of a blank look when we tell them we're moving to Arkansas! The next question is usually, "Where is that?" :-)

  3. "Work expands to fill time available"

    The work will get done. It ALWAYS gets done. And ON time. Why? Just observe the increase in your body's velocity and increase in the sorting/decision making/processing power of your brain as the time left decreases. It's a wonder.

    And then, when it's ALL over, you're going to wonder, NOW WHY COULD I NOT DO IT THIS WAY FROM DAY 1?

    x Aakanksha

  4. Oh, and sorry, I haven't been able to Skype with you recently. Have been on it but have Skyped with my brother who is currently fending for himself as I have the parents, all to myself. Muhahahaha!

  5. SWEEET DEAL!! youre moving closerrrrr!!!
    you know. i REALLY liked Canada when i lived there but then we went back to visit my uncle for Christmas and i found myself telling Ed... "i dont think i'd ever want to live here!!!!"
    i think it was mainly the cold and that id forgotten how i managed it!!!
    SO glad youre coming!!
    we are going to India for Christmas!!!! are you ever gonna go back to visit?

  6. grafxgurl, where are you going to be travelling in India? I'm going home to Delhi for 2 weeks =) for an 'Official Indian Engagement Ceremony' as the 'Official Western' one doesn't hold that much weight out there!

    The weather will certainly be good.

  7. Ace - If only I would quit wasting time blogging, I might actually get some packing done! :-) I'm glad you've been having visitors--especially while you are under the weather.

    Ace & Grafx - Can I just say how very jealous I am that you are both going to India this Christmas? I'll just pout for a minute, but then I'll be all right.

    Grafx - I'm excited at the prospect of being within a day's drive of you, too! Maybe we will meet in person!

    At the moment, we are working on a plan to go back (just Jason and I) in January of 2010. Partly to visit the ol' stompin' grounds, partly as a "second honeymoon" type of thing. That will be only a few months before our 10th anniversary. IhopeIhopeIhope we get to go!

  8. Never make kissy-lips at your webcam ever again. No matter who you are talking to or even if it is turned off.

    That is all.

    - Your brother, who speaks only out of love.

  9. See? I knew someone would be glad. Of course, only one person was honest enough to say so. I guess that is what you call a "sibling privilege."

    I will take your advice to heart, dear brother. Thank you.

  10. You and Logan are priceless!! I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!!
    Love you both!!

  11. Thanks again for the candle and plum jam you gave me. It is good to know you all arrived safely. I am so glad you stopped and hope you will be able to again. I know it was a long hard day through Missouri the highway system being what it is. Iowa's weather is still nice but frost is just peeking around the corner waiting to move in. Love, Grandma


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