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Friday, September 26, 2008

Just a little update from the road. We are now a little over half-way through our trip, and enjoying a little R'n'R at my Uncle Pete's and Aunty Lin's in Minnesota. (These are the parents of the Clint my brother recently posted about.) By the time we arrived here last night, we were SO ready for the break. Originally, we thought Jason was going to have to keep toodling on today, but through a strange set of circumstances, the Lord blessed us with an extra day with the U-haul, so he is enjoying a day with us here before he leaves tomorrow--all of our worldly possessions on his back like a snail's.

Believe it or not, we managed to fit all of said possessions into a 17-foot truck. They are stacked in there so tightly that the border guard promptly changed his mind about making Jason open the door to inspect it after it was only open a few feet. I guess he didn't want to have a big mess all over the pavement at midnight. It ought to be kind of interesting when we open it up to unload, though. (I say "we" loosely--I won't actually be there, as I am taking a few extra days up here in Minnesota before heading southwards.)

So. I haven't checked my e-mails. This is a dial-up connection, so I think I won't. That can just wait.

The drive has gone okay so far. The boys have all been taking turns riding with Daddy in the truck, so that has helped them stay entertained. Oh, and the DVD player has been working like a charm! I think Noah is tired of traveling, though. He has asked me several times over yesterday and today if we can go home. Boy, is that ever a tough question to answer right now. You know, with us being homeless and all.

Our last few days in Alberta are mostly a blur with strong emotions attached to them. I was so tired and sleep-deprived and stressed, but also overwhelmed with gratitude at the amount of people that took several days out of their lives to come and help us pack, clean, load, and prepare. Wow. We would not have been able to do everything on time without them. Especially Amanda, who spearheaded and organized the efforts to help us out.

We have been enjoying a good visit so far, and are loving that our butts are UN-conforming from the shape of a vehicle seat. I am looking forward to seeing my cousin Gina later on today, and meeting her husband Jamin and two girls for the first time. (We ought to have some fun, tongue-twisting moments tonight: "Jason! I mean, Jabin! No, I mean, Jamin!" Yikes.)

Well, I'm getting kicked off the internet so someone can use the phone. I'll post again next week!

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  1. TALENA! You are far away from me. Even farther (further?) than before. Now you will be able to make up for all the lost summer and autumn that northern Canada took and you can blog photos of sunny days for all of us Winterkins. Oh! Ha. I did not mean to pun but pun I did. Anyhoo, Miss you, praying for you.


  2. Waiting for your next post. Hope the rest of your journey was as manageable

  3. It was so fantastic to see you guys Talena! Thanks for taking time out of your long journey for us; we really appreciated the visit. Love, hugs and prayers!!


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