All My Dreams Are Changing Every Day In Every Possible Way

Thursday, October 30, 2008

For the first two weeks after we moved here, I dreamed about packing almost every night. I was taping, wrapping, hauling, lifting, wedging, driving and moving every night in my sleep. It probably didn't help that I was fighting off the cold that I had contracted on our trip down here. Does anyone else get weird dreams when they are sick, or is that just me?

Then we started karate. For the next week or so, my dreams took on a different look. Faces I had only seen a couple of times surrounded me, garbed in white, as I broke fall over and over again on a blue mat, trying to comprehend the meanings of words I had never heard before.

Thanks to said karate, though, for most of the last couple of weeks I have been way too tired and sore most nights to actually remember the dreams I had the next day. Once in a while, though, the dream is so poignant that it lingers. The plot line of the dream might be lost, but the faces--and the emotions--are not. Faces I love. Faces I miss. Uncles and aunts, grandparents and cousins. And most of all, my immediate family--Dad, Logan, Angela, Mom and Dad Winters, Nick and Jen, Kayla and Kayden--and the friends as close as family--Magnussons, Gregories, Burdicks, Berreths, McDonalds. . . I could go on, but I think I might start weeping.

I think my dreams are in mourning.

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  1. when im ill i dream of me swaying back and forth with some strange tune.
    i dont know why.

    sounds like your dreams are working too hard!!!!

    i think some phone calls back home are in order!

  2. Skype Skype Skype Skype Skype Skype^infinity.

    Someone once said to me that:
    - you dream about what is on your mind
    - you dream about what might be disturbing you in your subconscious
    - your brain tries to process things
    - your inner fears.

    and so on. At the end of the day, I think dreams just are also a way of dealing with change.

    Perhaps drinking a glass of hot milk with crushed cardomom seeds will help? Or the horlicks sleep good malt mix?
    xx Ace (she who is all knowing where dreams and nightmares are concerned)

  3. I'm hugging you with big long stretchy elastic go-go gadget arms right now. ♡

  4. Ace - I can't Skype you right now (pout, pout). It won't work with dial-up. We could chat on google sometime, though. If ever you see me on-line, ping me--I'm probably sitting at the computer (unless I happen to be trying to upload or download something really big--like, you know, at least 300 kB!) And I'm definitely going to try the milk and cardamom. Sounds heavenly.

    Colleen - Those are some great arms. Do you know where I could order some? I could really use them. Thanks for the stretchy hug. I'm feeling it. LY!

  5. Miss you too, maybe our dreams could meet up and by some miracle of God it would be time together. Here's my HUG, I need to steal the gadget arms from Colleen! :)


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