Didn't See That Coming...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Anyone who has known me for any length of time would probably agree that "girly-girl" is a term that describes me, scalp to toe-nails. I don't like to wrestle. I don't like contact sports (unless, you know, they involve my sweetie and a... um, never mind.) And if I am "tough", it would only be in the sense of "determined", not anything physical.

When I get a needle, I screw up my face, close my eyes, hold my breath, and look the other way until it is over.

BUT! I birthed three 8 lb.+ babies without the use of any artificial pain killers, and while (mostly) keeping a good attitude about it.

AND! I signed up for karate classes last week.

Yep, Jason and I decided to give it a shot. Jude is taking a kids' class three afternoons a week, and he loves it. Jason and I are taking evening classes together three evenings a week, and while we have only had one official class so far, we both thoroughly enjoyed it. What sold me was watching this petite, five-foot-nothing woman use "basic" defensive techniques to take down a couple of guys (playing "attackers") that were much, much bigger than her--and she made it look easy.

Okay, my first class was pretty embarrassing, I'll admit. And I don't know if I'll be all for the jujitsu class that we are currently taking Fridays--I may switch to a different class on another evening. (Jujitsu=Asian wrestling, so I understand.) But I'm excited! It's fun! And I get to lose my paunch!

Betcha didn't see that coming! :-)

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  1. Nice! That sounds pretty fun actually...

  2. Good on ya! I used to do Karate when we were in Calcutta and we loooved it. Didn't continue in Delhi though :( So, hope you have a great time. I'll be very impressed if you can lift me and take me down without puffing ^_^

    Oh, I got so offended the other day because Mark said that I am not an 'outdoorsy' person. I so am! In an outdoors sports way - horse riding. skiing, hiking, climbing (water sports are on for next year). But yes, I don't like getting dirty - in the form of camping --> not having access to a normal shower, toilet and insect-free bed.

    But SURELY camping does not an outdoorsy person define.

  3. Hey, that sounds pretty cool. I am not a girly-girl but no contact sports for me!!!

  4. I am way too girly for karate...though I would try kick-boxing... Always cool to try something new - and I would love to find something active I could do with my dh.

  5. That is so very cool! We have been considering making that very same thing our family activity as well. Not quite sure if Becca's ready yet...but good for you guys!!

  6. Hey, all!

    I'm sorry I have not had time to respond to all of your comments individually. Thanks so much for dropping me a note, though--means so much right now! I wish I could have you all over for tea, or come over there, or whatever. Anyway, your words are like cyber-hugs. I hope you all get a chance to try something you've been "meaning to do" this next week.

    Hugs back!


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