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Down in the Arkin, Down in the Arkin, Down in the Arkansas...

Monday, October 06, 2008

I don't have a lot of time for typing today, but I finally uploaded the photos from our trip, so this will be a photo blog of our recent adventures. I do not have internet access at the house (yet), so I only get to get on my computer and the internet once a day on weekdays when I drive over to the shop--about fifteen minutes away.

Because there will be so many photos, I am posting them all as "small", but you can click on any photo to see it larger.

Double rainbow over Saskatchewan.

My gorgeous friend Dawn.

The most eccentric toaster I have ever seen--leopard print. Found in our motel room in Kenmare, North Dakota.

One of a few "famous" places we visited--Fargo. Also, I believe we crossed the Red River. See below for more.

The tallest park slide I have ever seen, found in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.

Jabin gets to know his second-cousin Avery.

Because, apparently, my boys don't know how to take a non-goofy photo.

Crossing the Mississippi River at it's headwaters (Lake Itasca).

A scale map of the Mississippi--we still had to travel most of the way to it's end when I took this photo.

See what I mean? Goofy.

Taken at a park while visiting my friends, the Ericksons. Cool swing chair!

Only in the South can you find a vintage shortening container that once held 110 pounds of the stuff!

Noah and Tuffy on our way out of the Easton driveway for a walk after the rain.

Mom and Mike's horses.

Some damp roadside lushness.

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  1. Glad you made it a-ok!!

    Also, I got your magazine and note in the mail--you're so sweet! It was a fun and inspiring surprise, so Thank YOU!

  2. Anne - Glad you got it! Hee! I love mail surprises--receiving and sending!

    Paul - Thanks!

  3. what did Tennessee SEE?

    whirls away loopily*

  4. grafxgurl - you're awesome.

    Talena, thank you for the photos! I LOVE it. I can't believe you are where you are. It's worlds away from the North, isn't it.

  5. Delighted to know you all got there safe and sound. Road trips are awesome and the photos show some cool things you saw!

    The goofy photos are missing the cartoon characters (printed/ hand drawn) on the band-aid.

    Looking forward to Skyping again one weekend,
    x Ace

  6. Tears streaming down my cheeks, more spilling over the rims of my eyes. Sad to see you go so far away friend. So glad you made it safe and sound. Miss you. Will keep praying. (And continue kicking myself for not meeting you for that Josh Groban concert!!)

  7. Grafx - Okay, I've been thinking about that joke for a week now, and I finally got it! Blond, I know. :-)

    Colleen - Only half a world. Sigh. May as well be 20.

    Ace - I'll have to get more creative with the band-aids, apparently. (I think I packed all the superhero band-aids.)

    Dawn - You snooze, you lose, Missy! :-) Seriously, we have some good memories, though, and hopefully will have plenty of chances to make more! Love ya!

  8. Hope all is well. I remember how homesick I was when we moved from Iowa to Colorado. Will keep you in my prayers. I was surprised to see the lard can on your blog. Usually I have a table covering on it. Anyway, Glen's cousin owned a maidrite cafe here in Creston. Her Mom made wonderful pies. That is where I got the can, cleaned it out good and have my tablecloths and other things stored in it. My laptop bit the dust so I now have a new laptop and printer. Guess I have helped local economy.Ha! New things to learn. God Bless you all.


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