There's a First Time For Everything

Monday, October 27, 2008

We had a weekend of firsts around here:

  • The first time that Jude, Noah, my mother, and myself had ever been to the symphony. We went to the Ft. Smith Symphony, and listened to an amazing performance by classical guitarist Pablo Villegas, then Richard Strauss' A Hero's Life. WOW! That's almost all I have to say about that. Except that I was really regretting letting the boys stay up late the night before watching a movie, because Jude was whiny beyond belief. Sigh. Oh, well. I enjoyed it as well as I could. And it was so. great. to get to dress up for once. (I mean really dress up, not just put on a skirt and blouse.)
  • The first time that Jude went fishing. Grandpa Mike says he's a natural--even cast the spinning reel. (I think that's what it is called. I, obviously, am not a fisherperson.)
  • The first time I milked a cow. Okay, I use that phrase very loosely. I tried, but I am really, really pathetic at it. Mike makes it look so easy. Sigh. I guess I'll just have to keep practicing. BUT! I am loving that we have been drinking raw milk for about a week, now! Mmm.... so good.
  • The first time I've owned a laptop. It came today, but Jason promptly commandeered it, as the computer he ordered for himself for work has not arrived yet, and he was losing the use of the one he had been using as of today. Sigh. I'll get to play with my new toy soon enough. Hopefully, that means I will occasionally still get to play with high-speed internet at a cafĂ© or some such thing.
That's about all I have time for right now. Maybe tomorrow I'll get some photos posted! (No promises, folks.)

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  1. you have had a wonderful time settling down!! all i can say is my first time here in the US was HORRIBLE!!

    i hated it so bad i wanted to go home!! that and i didnt know a single soul apart from my husband!!
    ive never been to the symphony here.
    sigh. and i need a laptop SO bad right now!!

    sniff. not having a good day as you can tell.

  2. Maybe another first will be us actually meeting.:) Gina loves to scrapbook, or at least she loves buying the supplies. True North on main street has WI-FI.

    An Arkie's Musings

  3. Grafx - HUG!!!!! I hope your day gets better. It is definitely helpful to know someone--even if it's just your hubby. I still haven't made any friends, but I'm so busy that that only bothers me about half the time! ;-) And big moves are always hard.

    Richie - No doubt on the meeting thing! Yes, I've been in True North, and also I just found out that Really Great Pizza has Wi-Fi--not that I plan on being there a LOT or anything. True North is just around the block from the Marshall Arts studio, so I thought I could go there while I was waiting for him at class. Always looking for the most efficient way, you know!

  4. Did anyone take photos of you milking the cow? Talk about extremes - from dressing to the nines (what DOES that mean?) to milking the cow. Life in Arkansas sounds ... nice. That raw milk sounds great, too.

    Another HUG to Grafx from me, too.

  5. Colleen - Sorry, no photos. I didn't have much "hands-on" time. Maybe when I'm a little more proficient, and can actually milk for long enough to snap a photo? Anyway, the milk was delightful.

    Paul - YAY! Laptop. When I get it, anyway. Right now, I'm just trying to savour the anticipation! Heya, by the way.


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