Fire In The Mountains

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In the back yard here, there is a gigantic oak tree that has grown almost symmetrically round. When I wake up in the morning, with the freshly-risen sun striking it, it looks like it is on fire--a truly glorious sight. Talk about a great way to wake up.

This post is for Colleen. I know she didn't get to enjoy a proper fall this year, as apparently all it did in Yellowknife is rain, so I am sending her some vicariously over the internet. I took these photos last week, reveling in a season that is finally finding it's rightful place among my favourite things. Also, I thought to show you what they mean by "mountains" around here.

The above picture is of a really cool, popular local ornamental plant. I don't know what it's called, but it looks neat.

These shots were taken about five minutes from down town, up the highway--not quite at the top of the "mountain", but definitely a great view:

There are so many cool old houses here, many of them not in great shape, many of them that have been kept in fantastic condition, like this one, which is currently being used as a bed-and-breakfast:

While that "Greco-Roman, columnar style, with wrap-around-porches as far as the eye can see" look is fairly common here, not every house has so much class:

This house is cool, but with the cotton-candy shades on it, it looks like it just jumped out of the pages of "Hansel and Gretel." Cute. Apparently, it was a restaurant for a little while, but not at the moment.

Today, we are experiencing a "massive cold front" which the weatherman is apparently blaming on the Canadians. If only he knew that the Canadians would gladly trade our +12C for the -21C they were experiencing this morning, if it was truly up to them!

(By "this morning", I mean Thursday morning, as I was unable to upload these photos over the dial-up at home, so had to wait until I got into town to do it.)

Stay warm, friends!

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  1. Sounds like you are enjoying NOT being in Canada at this time of year...

  2. Looks like a pretty place. Maybe I will visit the area some time. :)

    An Arkie's Musings

  3. Paul - Well, I'm suffering through the weather, anyway... ;-)

    Richie - So funny, you are. :-)

  4. Talena,

    It's called pampas grass. At least I think that's how you spell it. In California, they call them ocean oats. Very pretty eh?

    PS Miss you!

  5. Candace - YAAAAY! You actually commented here! :-) :-D <:-D

    Thanks for the name of the grass. Now I'll actually be able to tell people what I mean. Miss you, too!

  6. Talena! How did I miss this post??? Thank you! It is a beautiful and completely different world that you live in! Peace River is beautiful too of course but YES they would gladly take the +12 I'm SURE. The autumn colours are GORGEOUS and I think I am going to stop commenting this very minute so I can go back and look upon your photos again. LOVE! xo


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