Jabin’s Top 3’s at 3

Monday, November 24, 2008

Jabin's third birthday was on Friday. We celebrated with chocolate-blueberry cake, some "Cars"-themed temporary tattoos, and some snazzy new toys, etc., including a new tricycle. Good times had by all.

Also, I managed to get Jabin's froggy pajamas finished that morning, and he wore them for most of the day. I had to laugh--it looked like he was ready to go on Safari to the Swamp!

Here are Jabin's current "Top 3's":

Top 3 Friends: Emily, Oakley, and Zeke
Top 3 Foods:: Pancakes, Pasta, and Bananas
Top 3 Movie picks: Cars, Bob the Builder, VeggieTales
Top 3 Pastimes: Colouring, Playdough, Driving Cars
Top 3 Books: Sesame Street Alphabet Board Books, Bless Me, Pretty much whatever’s handy
Top 3 Phrases: “I yike it!” “I do it!” “Can you hehp me?” (Usually said right after insisting that he do it himself.)
Top 3 Songs: Johnny Appleseed, Jesus Loves Me, The Alphabet Song
Top 3 All-time Faves: Hugs, Kisses and More hugs

Jabin loves to be the one to say the blessing at meals.
He loves to do whatever his big brothers are doing.
He loves helping Mommy and Daddy.
He talks prolifically, in full and complete sentences.
He continues to be a blessing and a joy!

We love you, Little Sunshine!

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  1. Happy Birthday Jabin. Mike came to church with a tattoo on the top of his head. Now I know why. You never know with Mike. :)

    An Arkie's Musings

  2. ok im going to sing in Froglish

    (Happy birthday to yooooooo)
    (Happy birthday to yooooooo)
    (Happy BIRTHDAYYYY dear jabin)
    (Happy birthday to yooooooo)

  3. Richie - You're so right! :-D

    Grafx - You so funny, you make me croak! :-) Thanks for the giggles!

  4. I just want to SCOOP this lil cutie right up and squeeeeeeeeeeeeze him!

    He's so smart. Even when he was only about 1 1/2 it was clear!

    I'm tentatively planning to get to Mena this summer when kids are at the lake with their father. I'll have to find someone to watch the doglets for me.

    Have you met Lea yet?


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