10-second Update

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wow, it seems that the weeks I have the most to blog about are the weeks that I barely have time to load the "compose post" page.

Here's a quick bullet list of what's been happening:

  • While enjoying a soak in the jacuzzi last Saturday night, we received a phone call from Jason's mom that his uncle was probably only days away from dying of Hepatitis C. Obviously, we knew this would happen eventually, but not exactly when. We decided that Jason should go home right away to try and see him before he passed. He flew out early Monday morning and will return tomorrow night. So far, Dale is hanging in there, but it's been a good thing for Jason to get to spend this time with him this week, and see the rest of the family, too.
  • This was our last week of home schooling before the holidays. Yay! A break!
  • I've been trying to get our yearly newsletter together this week. Okay, I know I haven't sent it out for two years, now. Maybe I'll make it the "bi-annual" newsletter. Just be thankful I didn't stretch it to three!
  • I bought the world's most expensive hot chocolate from the local coffee shop to pay "rent" for the high-speed internet I've been using while I check e-mail and post this in town, today. At least it tastes good.
  • We have decided to celebrate Hannukah this year. I don't have time to explain why. It starts tomorrow, which makes it awkward, as we do not have a Hannukiah (menorah) and I will be out most of the day tomorrow, as Jason flies in tomorrow night. Oh, well. It's our first time, and we don't really know what we're doing, anyway. We'll blunder through it somehow.

Well, gotta go. The kids are whining and I've got projects to complete. Happy holidays, friends!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you too! (Or Happy Hannukah...)

  2. Hey good for you guys (Hannukah)!!! First Fruits of Zion has a fantastic book on Hannakuh and ideas to celebrate it. Their web site is www.ffoz.org and may have some ideas too. One cool thing about it is the dreidel game with all it's yummy chocolate, oh and don't forget the latkes! (Super easy to make!!) Love and hugs!

  3. I would like to do Hannukah one year...let me know how it goes! Sounds like a fabulous tradition!

  4. Paul - Thanks! :-D

    Dawn - Sounds like you guys have already started doing this one, eh? I made some carob/cocoa fudge tonight to be cut up into gelt and wrapped tomorrow. Recipe in Nourishing Traditions. The batter tasted good! Also, we tried three different kinds of latkes today. Verdict: the Winters love latkes! Yay!

    Anne - So far, so good. I'm sure we're missing tons of the "traditional" stuff, but we're having fun blundering through it, anyway! Happy Christmas to you!


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