Can't Beat the Real Thing

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"With all the publicity about eggs and cholesterol causing heart disease, the food industry quickly responded in making a preparation that looked and tasted like eggs ... one such product was called EGG BEATERS. An experiment was conducted at the Burnsides Research Laboratory, University of Illinois, by Meena Kasmau Navidi and Fred A. Kummerow in which one group of lactating rats was fed exclusively on fresh shell eggs and another on EGG BEATERS. The rats on fresh shell eggs thrived, were perfectly healthy, and grew normally. Those on EGG BEATERS did not grow normally, were stunted, and all died long before reaching maturity." H. Leon Abrams Vegetarianism: An Anthropological/Nutritional Evaluation

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  1. When i first got to the US, i was amazed at how many artifical foods people were consuming. all in the name of "convenience' ( conveniently dying is what i say!!)... makes me really appreciate India and all the " made from scratch" food that i ate all my life. Hooray for Curries!!

  2. Could it be said then, that EGG BEATERS make good rat poison? Perhaps the farmers around here should invest...!

  3. And on that note I need to go microwave my lunch.


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