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Costume Diary: Captain Jack, part Two

Monday, December 01, 2008

Well, the pants are done. They turned out okay, if strangely saggy in the backside. The only problem is, as Jason said, "I don't feel very piratey."

I have to agree with him. So, our costume titles may be reduced to "18th-century gentleman and lady going to a masquerade ball." :-D

Of course, that is making the major assumption that my gown will be done by then. Which is not looking extremely likely at the moment, since I am still working out the kinks in the first and simplest part of my costume--the chemise.

To be Continued again...

Captain Jack, Part One

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  1. I wish I could sew. Jason is so lucky to have you. I like it as the 18th Century gentleman :)
    Hugs and Love

  2. maybe its the color. Blue isnt very piratey as Jason calls it.. maybe get a feathered hat for it and it will look swashbuckley!!

  3. He just needs an eye patch, swashbuckle, hook, cutlass and one of those feathered pirate hats...or just keep it simple and go 18th cen.
    love and hugs!


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