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Thursday, January 22, 2009

This week, we rented "Enchanted" and "Penelope". I was completely charmed by both of these modern-day fairy tales. The kids watched "Enchanted" every day we had the movie. I now know most of the songs from memory.

The problem with a really great story like that is that I never want it to end when it does. When it says, "The End" it is usually actually the beginning of the real story. These characters have gone through all this struggle just to be together--and you get to see about 2 seconds of film time at the end where they actually are together. Wouldn't it be great to see how they actually worked out their relationship once they got to that point?

Anyway, speaking of points, I am wandering from mine. I loved all the "magical" elements of these movies, and it made me stop to think about some of the magic in my own life.

  • My wonderful husband. Not having him around this week has left with lots of time to think... and I still think about him as much as when I was in the first blush of romance. I love that man, and sometimes I still have to pinch myself to believe that my Dream Came True when he married me.
  • Having clear vision all the time is something truly remarkable for me. It has been close to a year since my operation, so I no longer forget and try to put on glasses when I first wake up, but I still feel so amazingly blessed that I am able to see.
  • My three amazing little boys. Not only did I get to participate in creating them, I feel it is such a privilege and an honour to be entrusted with their training and education. It is so rewarding watching them learn and grow.
  • Electricity. I know, it seems mundane, but think about what it would have been like 150 years ago without it--no automatic appliances, no central heat and air, no CDs or DVDs, no computer, no internet, no light bulbs... we owe much to this amazing ability to create and store and use electricity.
  • There is something truly magical about being able to take a flat piece of cloth, with so much potential, and create a garment out of it that will be worn, and loved, and useful, and attractive. Or taking bits of paper and glue and making something beautiful to look at and remember love by. Or taking a length of string and knitting something like a tangible hug. There is something magical about the ability to create. This wonderful piece of our personalities (because yes, we all have a creative force in us) was gifted to us by The Creator--it is what gives us purpose, to be able to work, and grow, and do... to CREATE.
What is magical in your world today, friends?

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  1. What wonderful thoughts, and it isn't even Thanksgiving. I think that seeing the wonderful things in our life in a magical way is a childlike quality that we all need

    An Arkie's Musings

  2. I absolutely LOVE being able to see too! Now I'm thinking I need to go get the old lady reading specs but still. I'm way far from being blind!!

  3. Great post! I so want lasik! And that creativity thing - I blog about that all the time!

  4. I'm thankful for electricity too. We lived in Africa for 5 years & it was not a given! We'd go weeks with days of only electricity at night.

    Blessings during the short single-parenting time.

  5. Magical is having you and your family AT MY HOUSE every day!! I don't have to go anywhere to get to see you and spend time with you!! And it is magical the our Creator let me have a part in creating YOU!!
    I love you!!

  6. I echo the others Talena, GREAT POST! What a great reminder to look for the magic in every day. Today mine was seeing the love our kids have for each other as they played oh so nicely together, all three of them!

  7. Richie - I agree. It's something I try to cultivate. My friend Colleen has been a great mentor in this area.

    Vix - There are just certain things about modern technology that I LOVE!

    Angela - LASIK is awesome! And you and I are creative kindred spirits, I know it. Hey, now that I'm moving back north, we are seriously going to have to hook up, girl.

    Paul - We experienced similar things in India, so I know where you are coming from. Thanks for your good wishes. Jason is home now, but will be leaving again on Thursay. Wah!

    Rohini - Thanks! :-D

    Mom - *blush* Thanks!

    Dawn - I love that, too! Thanks for sharing your magic with me!


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