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Monday, January 19, 2009

Jason left early this morning for Nashville and the Financial Peace Counselor training. He won't be back until Sunday night. We'll get to keep him for a few days after that, and then he is flying back to Canada on the 29th. Thus will begin the longest separation we have had since we became friends in 1997. My feelings about this are anything but ecstatic, as I am sure you can imagine.

Last week was pretty busy. I was on worship for the first time at our new church last Sunday (the one before yesterday). Tuesday night I had practice for this Sunday's worship, so we ate out after Jude's karate practice and then went straight there. Thursday night we had dinner with Adam and Alecia and visited with them afterward, which was so, so great. We went over to their house after a pizza buffet for supper, and the kids were so stoked to actually be going over to somebody's house--especially someone with kids--that they almost couldn't be kept in their seat belts on the way there! Saturday I did special music at my mom's church in the morning, and had another worship practice in the afternoon. Sunday morning worship practice started at 8, followed by two services, then we had lunch out (three meals out in one week! Yikes!) and a Young Living team meeting in the afternoon. By the time I got in at 6:30 p.m. last night, I was pretty wiped.

However, since Jason took Mom's car to Nashville, and Mike has the truck in Mexico (where he is currently helping to build a church), Mom has to take our van to work, meaning I'm effectively "grounded" this week. So, it looks like I will have a week to catch up from the "outage overload" of last week!

This week's theme unit for home school is pirates and map-making, an extension I threw in for fun on our boats and floating unit of last week. It's been great so far! (The whole half-day of it we've already done!) Jude totally loves the map-making part, which is no surprise to me, considering we have known that he is Mr. Map for a while now. I am pretty much making up the unit as I go along, but fortunately, we have a plethora of pirate-related materials already in the house, for some strange reason. Also, there were a lot of piratey-type books at the library to draw on, too.

So, anyway, this week, I will try not to mope about the temporary separation that is only a harbinger of the impending longer temporary separation. I will tackle projects with vigour! I will make Pirate Week a "good time had by all!" I will scrapbook, and sew, and finally get my New Year's cards mailed! I will use essential oils to lift my spirits! And I will most likely watch "Enchanted" (which we just rented on Saturday) at least 2 more times!

Oh, and Season 3, Disk 2 of Lost, too. I finally took the plunge and started watching It again. I was so annoyed with all the characters and their total lack of ability to think rationally by the end of Season 2, and swore I wouldn't watch It again. Despite the reports that Season 3 was a bummer (justifying my decision), once Season 4 hit the airwaves, certain people seemed to think that It had actually redeemed Itself. (Was that mostly because they finally decided to end It after that season? I don't know yet.) Anyway, I really really want to know what happened in the end, but I can't just skip a whole season, so here I go: I will slug through the third to get to the fourth. If I watch one disc a week, I should be finished before I move. And maybe, just maybe, the unanswered questions swirling in my brain about this fictional, totally inconsequential world will help distract me from the world I am surrounded in that will be devoid of a Very Important Someone.

Do you think it will work?

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  1. I think I remember that feeling of missing someone. ; ) I'm kidding. Yes, I remember it. SO much better to miss someone than to be wishing they'd just go away. haha

    Enjoy the time with the kids without having to rush around. You're going to feel so great after getting all that stuff done. And while you get it done, you can plan the homecoming. * wink *

    Good luck to Jason on the course. Good for him. It takes courage to leap into a whole new direction.

    Hugs and love. Always.

  2. I enjoy your blog. What a year your having? To me, the secret to enjoying lost lies in their attempts to give each character a link to some philosophy. The doctor refuses to accept the metaphysical no matter how many times it stares him in the face. The struggles and the relationship, the past that will not allow us to go forward. The clues that seem to go somewhere and force us to wait. Its been fun.
    Blessings upon your family Don in AZ

  3. BEG - I am actually really looking forward to the week at home. It will be good. Mostly.

    Don - What keeps me going is the mystery. It actually annoys me that no matter the evidence to the contrary, none of these people seem to change. What's with that? However, there are definitely things to enjoy, or I wouldn't keep watching it! Thanks for commenting!

    Richie - Wow, that's some proper usage of Canadian grammar, eh? Good to know something has rubbed off! :-D

    Hi, Richie.

  4. Oh. When I picked that name, I didn't realize I could be called BEG. I think I'll decide to think that's pretty cool. ; )

  5. I will be praying for you Talena. Being apart is really hard. Being stuck at home and apart even worse. But glad you've a few things to pass the time with. Great idea we just came across on your school theme: floating and sinking and how one can alter the effects of gravity on sinking objects (by mixing salt into a cup of warm water you can make a rock float!) Hugs!


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