Negligence, that's what it is.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Okay, so I fell off the blog wagon momentarily. But look what I did:

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  1. Um, all I have to say is, "wow!" You are ridiculously creative and this project is amazing!! What a wonderful gift this will be for your boys when they are older! Very nicely done.

    On a side note...I just wanted to let you know that I've got you plugged into my blog reader, so even though I don't comment every time, I am following you guys. (I realize that sounds a little creepy even though it wasn't meant to be so.) I'm enjoying all your adventures. Hope you guys are well.

  2. That is so awesome! I admire you.

    Cuz I totally suck at having enough patience for these types of things. The biggest length of patience I have is pretty much to get a dishcloth or a toque knitted.

  3. Love the pages Talena!! I'm so stealing the format. But just where are you printing your pics? Will it be a weekly trip to the photo shop or do you print at home everyday? All I can say is wow and what a great idea!!!!!!!!

  4. Cool! What an awesome concept! Love it, T. (Or should I say Tea?)

  5. Mindy - I also read about you in my Reader. Well, when I get time to read about anything in my reader. I have been finding it quite discouraging to keep up on friends since dial-up entered my life, but it's only temporary. Maybe my summer reading will be all my friends' back-posts that I missed!

    Mom - Gosh, gee, thanks.

    BEG - Heh. Did you think about that abbreviation when you chose that moniker? ;-D Anyhoo, trust me, this took much less time than a toque or a dishcloth. You are much more patient than you think you are.

    Dawn - Oh, how I wish I could say that this was all my idea, mineminemine, but that would be dishonest. Actually, I originally read about the idea in a free e-newsletter (either Memory Makers or Creating Keepsakes, don't know which) and thought "Cool!" Apparently, so did a bunch of other people. Creating Keepsakes also published an article about it in their December 08 issue, and their Kit-of-the-Month for Jan 09 is Project 365 for those who want to scrap it traditionally. There are also digital kits available from companies like 2 Peas In A Bucket, and plenty of great ideas for Project 365 on both that site's and Designer Digitals' Galleries.

    I am doing it digitally. I am making my own templates and reusing the same four or five for the whole year, switching out papers as I wish to (most of which I downloaded for free), and then at the end of the year I will print it as a hard-bound photo book from Shutterfly or something.

    So, since so many other people are already running with this idea, go ahead and steal away! In fact, if you want to go digital, I would be happy to share my templates with you so you could save yourself the work. Or, you could pre-make most of your layouts and journal on the appropriate days each day, then just pop in the photos when you get them printed. Have fun! (Variations are the 52-week challenge, which is one photo a week, and the 12-month challenge, which is... never mind.)

    Colleen - You could do project 365 and NOT scrap it. Wait. You probably already take at least a photo a day. BUT! You could then bind your favourite photo from each day into a Shutterfly album, for all the rest of us to Oooh and Aaaah over when we come and see it proudly displayed on your coffee table. Right?


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