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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Okay, okay... I know that living with my mom and step-dad does not exactly make the title of this post one hundred percent accurate. But I am definitely spouse-less at the moment. This is the beginning of our three month separation while I wait for warmer weather in Northern climes to be more conducive to moving all our worldly possessions. (Hey, honey--maybe we should freak everyone out by saying we are going through a "trial separation!" Whatdya think? :-D)

Jason left for Peace River on Thursday. I dropped him off at the airport in Fort Smith after leaving home around 3:30 a.m. After a few hours of choppy sleep in my mom's car, I then went and did some shopping in the city before coming home. It was wonderful. I got cute new shoes on sale. What? Retail therapy? No way! Um... okay, maybe a little.

So, this weekend I did a little more sewing, and enjoyed the beautiful weather we were blessed with. Yippee! Oh, and also, caught up a bit on Project 365. Enjoy:

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  1. Good looking pages. Gina finished a page today. You can see it at her scrapbooking site, Gina's Scrapbook Page

    An Arkie's Musings

  2. I got new shoes too. (My post about it is coming on Friday the 6th.)

    Yes, retail therapy can be good.

  3. If you read my latest blog, you'll know not to even breathe the word "shoes" around me for a bit. ; )

    I hope you love your shoes. After family, love of shoes is very important.

  4. Richie - She's got some beautiful pages over there, and you can tell her so. I like her "Ah Pooh" page. I did not want to sign up for an account so I could comment.

    Paul - I will be popping over to see if your shoe post is up yet. And can I say that I am just slightly agape that you plan your posts that far in advance? You're my hero.

    Vix - This made me laugh. :-D Thanks.


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