Monday, February 23, 2009

Jabin has really started to develop a sense of humour. He's quite a little character. Of course, the funniest things he says are still the ones he doesn't intend to be. Here are a few that spring immediately to mind:

Jude was being his usual picky self at lunch today, and dug something out of his eggs.

"What are you doing, Jude?" I asked.

"There's something green in here," he said, holding up the offending piece. I feigned shock and surprise with a loud gasp.

"Good thing you found it--it might have killed you!" He looked like maybe he thought it really might. "Jude, it's just for flavour. Go ahead and eat it."

A few minutes later, Jabin dug out a piece of egg and held it up. "I got some flabour in my egg," he said.

Fortunately, both boys ate the green stuff anyway.


When Jabin was little(r), one way we would help him stop crying when he bumped or hurt himself was by offering to cut off the damaged limb. Often, he said yes, whereby we promptly "sawed" at it with the edge of our hand, and he laughed and was all better. For a while, when he came crying he would say, "Tut it off, Mommy, tut it off!"

Now, when we ask him whether he wants us to cut it off, more often the response is, "No! Kiss it off!"

However, my kisses must be losing their touch, too, because after bestowing my Mommy Magic, he will still say, "It's not better, Mom, it's not better!" He's not convinced when I tell him that it sometimes takes a few moments for the healing to kick in.


This morning, as I was getting out of the shower, I heard Jabin wailing on the stairs.

"What's the matter?" I asked him. He was looking despondently out of the window, but turned to try and explain the situation to me. The first try was a write-off, due to the tears, but on the second go I understood it.

"Jude won't let me be dead!"

Um... okay.

I don't know what game they were playing, but apparently Jude thought Jabin wasn't doing it right. I think sometimes Jude forgets that Jabin is only three, after all.

But I guess I sometimes do, too.

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